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3 Advantages of Using Low Loader Transport for Construction

Low loader trucks are an essential part of transporting project equipment and machinery. They are also widely used among different industries due to their functionality and cost-efficiency for hauling major resources. Whether you own a construction company or run a business looking to enhance your infrastructure capabilities, you should get to know more about the benefits open to you when you have a low loader transport fleet at your disposal.

This article will discuss the three main advantages corporations gain by hiring low-loader trucks. Take this as an opportunity to make informed decisions and make the most out of your investments for construction projects. This way, you can increase productivity, keep your clients satisfied, save more money on operating costs, and maintain your professional reputation.

1. Compatible for all equipment types

One of the major causes of putting infrastructure plans on hold is the delay in getting certain necessary heavy equipment on site, especially those that cannot be dismantled into smaller components then rebuilt. Most are often forced to either wait for a long time until they have the proper truck ready or have to make do with the equipment they have. This is where the versatility of a low loader tilt tray truck comes into play.

From heavy-duty mining tools to portable buildings, low loader transport is equipped to handle it all. You can use it as a container-like vehicle to bring the necessary equipment quickly. There’s no need to make multiple trips; you can load up everything in one go making accomplishing tasks easier. As a result, you can expect operations to run more seamlessly, and you may end up with extra time to spare for other projects.

2. Easy to drive in and bring around different construction sites

What most construction divisions are often concerned about is how most hauling vehicles are hard to manoeuvre around infrastructure sites. It’s due to the safety risks and lack of capable human resources to use other trucks. Because of this, most projects often have to spend more and wait longer before meeting deadlines.

With low-loader trucks, you can entrust a professional low-loader operator to drive them to your desired location. This way, you can keep your operations going and even make last-minute hauling trips possible to complete every task and keep your superiors happy.

3. Maintains cost-effectiveness among construction hire services

Your company knows that cost-effectiveness is an integral part of maintaining profitability and financial stability. The same can be said for acquiring low loaders from construction hire companies. Since you are adding to the demand for essential hauling solutions, you can expect more competitive rates. Due to this, you can get quotes that meet your infrastructure needs at reasonable costs.


Having low loader operators and prime movers ready for your operations is a must, especially if you want to succeed in your construction projects. Now that you have a better understanding of what to expect, ensure you book drivers and trucks from a company with rock-solid credibility. KEE Transport operators are trained to exceptionally high standards. They have countless years of experience between them and with 15 all-capacity low-loaders and three tilt-trays, they can handle anything between 1T and 250T. The KEE Transport crew are real experts in their field. Enhance your heavy equipment capabilities today.

Do you need a highly reliable construction hire for your next projects? Work with us at KEE Group. We can provide you with the best haulage solutions that cover the whole of Western Australia. Get in touch with us to ensure you have your low loader fleet ready and loaded up with all your essential equipment.

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