We are so proud of the incredible people working for KEE.

We like to invest in our team and, more often than not, promote from the ground up. We train hard, we pay well and we look after our people so that we can be confident they will look after our loyal customers.

KEE Group has its roots in Australia’s earliest days, with the Spiers family lineage in the transport industry dating back to 1889. Founded by brothers Clayton and Damon Spiers in 2008, the brothers have a rich background in the transport industry with over 20 years experience in low-loaders. This extensive background has inspired them to focus on solving problems for the civil services industry in innovative ways, as thought-leaders and investors in people.

The brothers have mentored all personnel within the organisation, recognising exceptional talent and encouraging personal development at all times. This has led to a robust workforce, motivated by the incredible work they do and with the freedom to work in a better way than other employers can offer.

When we think about the people important to KEE, it’s hard to do so without thinking about our clients. We are determined to offer our clients a complete solution, with exceptional levels of customer service. Because we offer the complete service, we are able to pass on the savings to our clients, this is by design.

Antonia Spiers

KEE Company Secretary

Teokotai (Bumpy) Samuel

KEE Surfacing Manager

James (Coady) Coad

KEE Surfacing Estimator

Anthony Lee

KEE Project Manager/SHEQ Manager

Chris Huriwai

KEE Asphalt Superintendent

Amber Wholagan

KEE Spray Manager

Reena Gopal

KEE Surfacing Project Administrator

Natalie Martin

KEE Hire Coordinator

Nathan Terrell

KEE Transport Manager

Leigh Hayward

KEE Fuel Manager

Peter Simpson

KEE Chief Financial Officer

Andy Liu

KEE Finance Manager

Anita King

KEE Surfacing Administrator

Brett Huth

KEE Business Development Manager

Shannon Bowman

KEE HQ Receptionist

Justine Best

HR Manager

Marcus Webb

KEE Maintenance Coordinator

Our people are our greatest asset

KEE Group are growing fast and we are often looking for the right people to help us make it happen. If you would like to join our team and share in the excitement, get in touch today!

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