"I first came across KEE Group upon my arrival into Perth in 2013, where they became a major supplier of plant and equipment on the Gateway WA Project. KEE has a large range/selection of plant equipment essential for the construction of major civil infrastructure projects. Their equipment is more often than not, new, and is very well maintained. KEE offer fast and efficient servicing as required.

KEE Group is committed to distinguishing themselves as an industry-leading supplier, and as such are focused on providing new and innovative market equipment and working with contractors on problem-solving items.

KEE has been able to supply gear at short notice and have offered problem-solving solutions out of normal working hours to keep construction works moving forward; in particular supply and dispensing of fuels.

Many of my team members and I have worked with KEE Group over the past few years as a supplier of choice for construction works on MRWA projects such as Gateway WA Project (Alliance) and Northlink WA Project (Stage 1). At present, 30% of Valmec’s site fleet is hired through KEE Group.

KEE offer a great range of equipment at competitive prices and strive to be a major key supplier in the current construction industry market."

Jackson Lingwood
Project Manager, Georgiou

"I enlisted the help of Clayton and Damon when I was the Construction Manager of the Reid Alexander Interchange Project in 2010. The project presented several challenges, in particular, working adjacent to and over a high-pressure gas main. Specialised equipment was required to ensure quality compaction of the new road pavement whilst maintaining no adverse impact on this sensitive gas main.

Fortunately, KEE Hire was able to supply the project with market-leading technology that resulted in us achieving the desired outcome. The project received positive commemorations from the Minister of Transport, Senior Main Roads representatives and the high-pressure gas main asset owner.

KEE Hire, KEE Transport and KEE Sweeping provided a vast variety of professional services and equipment on this project. Clayton and Damon and their team at KEE assisted the project in achieving its success.

Due to their level of service and dedication I have used KEE Group on several recent projects and look forward to their continued support."

Leon Fogliani
Operations Manager, BMD Group

"We started using KEE Group about ten years ago and have not looked back. The industry in 2006 did not have any service that came close to what the boys were offering and so it was an easy decision for us to start using them. Over the past decade, KEE Hire has always provided us with exceptionally high-quality machinery, which in turn increases our productivity levels and completion times.

In my opinion, the boys have proved themselves to be market leaders. Over the years they have continued to invest heavily in the latest technology available by purchasing equipment at the cutting edge which allows RJV to utilise the advantages, which helps me as an infrastructure manager in producing and completing jobs faster than most with better machine efficiency reducing bottom-line cost.

KEE Hire is very good at supplying machines on time and are very willing to follow up, if needed, with mechanical support. Their organisation and delivery are almost military! I know that if there is an issue, I can pick the phone up and talk to one of the owners who can decide to resolve the issue quickly. This is very important to RJV in today’s climate.

RJVincent was founded in WA in 1955 and we are currently undertaking a large market share of subdivisional projects in Perth. As a large civil contractor, it is paramount that we can rely upon a company like KEE who can support us. KEE Hire has been working on up to 10-15 projects with us at a time, so we know we can rely on their professionalism and dedication to each project.

I find it most entertaining watching Clayton and Damon continuously compete with each other about everything. I have no doubt they are in discussion right now about who is better at a task…

After ten years working with them, I would highly recommend KEE Hire, their equipment, service and personnel are second to none!"

Tim Ryan
Chief Executive Officer, RJVincent

"The difference I find with KEE Group is their personal approach to business.

They seem to go out of their way to accommodate any request I give them. They are very sharp on pricing and it is very rare for them to not be able to supply what I have asked for.

KEE Group is a very diverse company and they assist Georgiou with transport, fuel supply and road surfacing. I have no hesitation in recommending any of their services to anyone looking for a quality one-stop supplier."

Haydn Ferguson
Plant Co-ordinator, GEORGIOU

"We are an exploration company located in the Pilbara. We are currently in absolute overdrive, so reliability in people and equipment is critical to our operation.
KEE has both.
We recently brought KEE onboard to supply us with machinery, and I have been dealing directly with Nat Martin and Todd Fuller from the start. Quality people providing a quality service.
Any issues that arise will see me contact either Todd or Nat. They always pick up the phone, and they act quickly to resolve.
I can't speak highly enough about these guys and the service they provide us. I know they work hard, long hours, but nothing is ever a drama, and if it was… I wouldn’t know. Their delivery and tone is always positive.
Importantly, the follow up is front of mind. I don’t have to contact them to get updates, they proactively contact me.
We are about to be supplied with two brand new assets. We can't wait."

Anthony Haywood
Senior Field Coordinator, De Grey Mining

"I would like to take the opportunity to acknowledge the hard work done by the KEE Asphalting Crew in relation to the asphalt works on Smart Freeway.
As you will know, I have worked with many crews over the years and I found the leadership shown by Chris Huriwai was exceptional. The pride and quality of the works, including the transverse joints, demonstrated by Chris and his team has resulted in the delivery of an extremely high quality product with excellent rideability. The crew’s ability to work as a team was also exceptionally good – one of the few examples of where I have seen a crew truly work as a united team to deliver the works.
If you haven’t already seen, the quality of the surface and the rideabililty has been acknowledged by the Project Director, Ilario Spagnolo, who sent an email to the A/MD Des Snook and Leo Coci who described the surface as ‘first class’, recognising that this work was also delivered under the challenging circumstances that the COVID-19 pandemic has placed everyone, including the crews, under.
I look forward to working with this crew again in the future."



Mark Nizich
Senior Contract Performance Officer, mainroads

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank your team for the fantastic work you have done for our Binduli project in Kalgoorlie. We appreciate your team taking the time to listen to our needs and providing a seamless solution to make our operation a success. We acknowledge and appreciate your services and we look forward to working with your team again."

Kevin Wang

"KEE Surfacing has made the project experience at Gingin RAAF Airbase seamless. I found the crew to be exceptionally hard-working and easy to communicate with. I was particularly impressed with Leading Foreman Mitch Hobday's work ethic. He was early to the site every day and his crew fully briefed and prepared for the task ahead. The KEE Profiling team really helped us out of a major bind. We had a tight deadline to work to, but because of the wet weather, they had to go above and beyond, working long days to get the job done. We were very impressed by both the quality and speed of the works and I will be highly recommending KEE Surfacing and their crews for future projects."

Andrew Bartel
Senior Project Engineer, Fulton Hogan

"The KEE Profiling crew just completed a job for us on Hepburn Avenue. They did a great job, the guys are really hard workers. There wasn't any standing around and they did not stop. Nothing was a problem, the crew just got in and out and completed the works in a good manner. We will look forward to working with them again in the near future. Thank you."

David Curnow
Director, Civil Guys, Civil Contracting and Earthmoving

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