There are many companies that provide similar services to KEE Group, but there are none that provide them as a complete package or deliver our level of integrity, reliability and professionalism.

Our Mission

Utilising the industry’s best and brightest to deploy the highest possible quality equipment and solutions, enabling our clients to efficiently and safely achieve their goals.

KEE Values

Above absolutely everything else we do, we want to be known as Australia’s leading civil mining and construction support service. We want our clients to know that we can offer the complete package from plant and equipment to supply to fuelling, maintenance and transportation. KEE exists to look after its employees and to serve the industry. The only way to lead the industry is to offer a value proposition, with no equal anywhere in Australia. We are the most highly diversified company: we are totally unique and extraordinarily effective.

We are mindful that project managers are looking for the simplest solutions without compromising on quality. This is what gives us the edge. Offering a comprehensive range of services, there’s no reason to go elsewhere or contact a range of different providers, we can do the full works without any pretentious sales spiel or corporate mundanity.

Given the opportunity, we will prove our worthiness to be a valued member on your project

At our core we believe in:

  • Uncompromised safety.
  • Innovative and visible leadership.
  • Motivation by customer satisfaction.
  • Total integrity.

Our people are our greatest asset

KEE Group are growing fast and we are often looking for the right people to help us make it happen. If you would like to join our team and share in the excitement, get in touch today!

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