KEE Group is an established customer-centric organisation which is not afraid to ask, “Would you like fries with that?”

We all know that is the up-sell line used in fast food chains, but we turned its intention upside-down. Instead of us profiting from the value-added service, our customers do. And in this case, it’s not fries being sold, but fuel.

KEE Fuel had a genesis that was created out of a need to add additional value to a service proposition that already had no equal anywhere in Australia. It’s simplistic in its desire to save clients money and ruthless in deliverable methodology that cannot be imitated. Our motto is  “Loyalty has its rewards”. In these tough times, fuel is a major cost and any service that can reliably reduce those costs should be considered for what it is: a reward that delivers a competitive advantage to those that use it.

We ask our KEE Hire customers if they would like the option of discounted fuel delivered. If the answer is yes, they save money. Then, if they were to engage any of the other KEE services such as transport, asphalting or profiling, their savings are magnified. Simply put, our unique business model rewards loyalty.

KEE Fuel is now able to provide comprehensive diesel fuel solutions tailored to our customer’s needs including; direct to machine onsite refuelling, both small and large bulk tanker deliveries and now fully managed tank solutions. We have quickly established ourselves as the industry leader in Onsite Refuelling Solutions. Our expert team have worked in the petroleum industry all the major projects in Western Australia over the past 40 years.

We quickly realised that contaminated fuel is a major problem in the diesel delivery industry. This inevitably costs customers money. With this knowledge, we established another industry first, by investing in a world-class truck-mounted fuel filtration system to ensure KEE Fuel remains the industry’s cleanest. We only use the most advanced diesel available on the market. It’s formulated to clean the engine as the vehicle is driven so that it runs more smoothly and efficiently while reducing C02 emissions.

Safety is paramount. KEE Fuel’s team of professional drivers have all been through a rigorous selection process and all have extensive hydrocarbon delivery experience. Our operators actively participate with the development and implementation of site-specific SWMS and have a full understanding of site-specific isolation and lockout procedures.

Our state-of-the-art vehicles are equipped with drip trays and spill kits and our drivers are trained accordingly in the event of minor spills. Vehicles are fitted with GPS trackers and MRWA heavy vehicle accreditation processes are adhered to and tracked through the on-board touch star computer systems. All operators have extensive knowledge of the Australian Dangerous Goods Code 7, hold bulk Dangerous Goods High-Risk Licences and are trained to the SLP petroleum industry safety programme standards.

Our pricing is based on a weekly rise and fall in line with the Australian Institute of Petroleum Terminal Gate Prices that are published on their website for everyone to access. KEE Fuel endeavour to keep the price for onsite refuelling as close as possible to the average metropolitan bowser price for Diesel.

Multiple requirements? KEE Group are the one solution. Not only can we deliver the fuel, we can also supply the machinery, deliver it, service it and operate it.

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