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3 Exciting Innovations in the Heavy Plant Machinery Space

The world is quickly transforming and developing, and with that, heavy machinery and equipment need to keep up with the changes. With all these advancements in electromobility, machinery, and telematics, there’s no denying that this will change the game in the construction industry, providing many benefits to companies and clients worldwide.

Many are aware of the technological advancements in the digital space, but our physical infrastructure and construction developments deserve the spotlight, too, and for a good reason.

Since the machinery hire industry will continue to grow along with tech progress, it’s only right to explore the different technology trends pushing innovation in the heavy plant machinery space. Let’s take a look!

Trend #1: The Rise of Autonomous Machinery

By the end of 2025, the self-driving vehicle market is expected to be worth about USD1.6 billion. With this growth, you’ll find an overwhelming change in the industry’s productivity and efficiency, making autonomous machinery an unbeatable trend.

When a company integrates autonomous vehicles, workflows will improve, allowing these technologies to complete mundane tasks. This will allow employees to focus on value-added jobs instead of day-to-day issues that could take up too much of their time.

With that said, autonomous vehicles can also help improve the well-being of employees, since it promotes stress relief and safety in the work area.

Trend #2: Pushing Electromobility to Benefit the Environment

Another innovation to note is that, since autonomous vehicles are on the rise, the advanced equipment will be powered by electric motors, which provides sustainability for businesses.

With electromobility, equipment manufacturers have addressed years of sustainability efforts, finally realising lower-emission solutions, such as reduced fuel consumption and the development of telematics systems, which decrease fuel usage and idle time.

Continued research and development allow manufacturers to produce electric motors with batteries and computers integrated into machinery to help them work efficiently. Since this knowledge is shared across industries, electric motors have become more accessible, cheaper, and easier to make without compromising their powerful benefits.

But besides sustainability, electromobility also requires less maintenance than traditional motors, allowing companies to cut down expenses. Not to mention, with fast-charging options, these vehicles can reach peak charge within a small window.

Trend #3: Digitally Connected Machines, Telematics, and Virtual Change

We all know that we’re living in the digital age where almost everything is digitised. With that said, there’s no denying that the heavy plant machinery space has also found unexpected growth in this landscape.

Hundreds of multiple construction companies are beginning to embrace connected construction equipment and telematics. Because of this, it’s starting to become the norm at job sites, which encourages more innovation in this field.

By connecting equipment through telematics systems, you can merge GPS technology and onboard diagnostics, monitoring sensors, reports, and logs to help streamline and improve the performance and operations of construction equipment.

With all of this, telematics systems serve as a singular hub where data and information can be accessed, bringing in improvements in productivity and service.

The Bottom Line: There are No Stopping Technological Innovations in the Heavy Plant Machinery Industry

While it may take some time for most machinery tech innovations to become a norm, it’s quite encouraging to see that many industries are slowly adapting to the change and incorporating the different technological advancements we mentioned above.

Once advanced equipment becomes the norm, the construction industry will continue to rise, boosting economic growth, and ultimately benefiting society.

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