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3 Tips to Have Safer Dump Truck Driving Experiences

In the past, running a mining operation was considered as a costly endeavour because of the upfront investment it entailed, especially when it came to dump trucks.

Over the years, many mine operators struggled with the high costs of keeping their operations up to spec because of how costly a new (or used) dump truck was at any point. While many considered trying to opt for cheaper alternatives, the truth is that these vehicles were, and always will be, essential for the successful operations of any mining company.

Fortunately, Australian mine managers won’t have to worry about such costs thanks to the fact that dump truck hire options are far more common today. By opting to hire or rent a truck from a dependable service provider—such as the KEE Group—many companies have been able to enter the lucrative market without shelling out for high upfront investments.

If you want to improve your operations while minimising the costs, dump truck hire is a way to go. Before you jump right into the whole process and get right to moving materials back and forth, it’s vital to ensure that you understand how you can safely operate this vehicle.

Three dump truck hire tips for safer experiences:

As intimidating as it sounds, the truth about safely working with a dump truck for mining material moving or large-scale construction is that it’s a relatively easy endeavour without many complications involved.

To ensure that you have the safest and most successful experience when hiring a dump truck for mining operations, here are three crucial tips that you should consider:

Tip #1: Inspect your truck regularly

Among the different ways to ensure the safety of every trip that you take, none are potentially more impactful or effective than inspecting your dump truck hire regularly.

The reason proper inspection is such a crucial aspect of truck operation safety, lies in the fact that it helps ensure that any avoidable and underlying pitfalls are negated before you even start rolling out. Having regular checks are vital because the immense weight that these machines carry and its effect on various parts in the assembly are massive. This is why it requires more care and consideration to ensure that accidents or breakdowns are prevented.

Tip #2: Get familiar with the intricacies of material loading

When safely operating your dump truck, the one thing that many operators may overlook, is the essential practice of material loading.

It may not seem like much at first, but the way material is loaded into your dump truck hire’s bed, impacts the way it moves and impacts the amount of stress that it’s various components experience. By taking the time to understand the weight of material loading, you can keep your truck’s centre of gravity in-line and maintain it’s overall stability by evenly distributing the load.

Tip #3: Only hire from reputable companies

A crucial tip that anyone looking to invest in a dump truck hire should keep in mind is to seek out the service from a dependable provider- this will go a long way.

Going for a top-rated rental equipment service provider is essential for safety because the hire machines do not leave the workshop without first going through meticulous and comprehensive safety checks. Through the help of a top-rated company—such as KEE Hire—which has a demonstrated record of providing hire equipment for over a decade, you will have peace of mind as you operate your dump truck up, down, and all around the mine. The knowledge of 24/7 mechanical field support will also give you confidence when hiring one of these beasts.


Although getting a dump truck hire is a cost-effective way to run a mine and ensure service quality and efficiency, it’s vital to approach the opportunity with attention of safety in mind. With the help of the three tips mentioned above, you can start your mining operations on the right foot and make sure that you won’t need to worry about anything else, other than making the most out of your regular haul!

If you’re looking to outfit your operations with the right equipment, you can keep everything in line without having to spend a fortune by getting our dump trucks for hire in Perth and other equipment rental services at the right price. Give us a call today to see how we can help!

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