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3 Useful Tips for Hiring Heavy Equipment for Your Plant

For manufacturing companies, large warehouses and construction companies, heavy plant equipment is an essential asset to get jobs done. If a company needs to move dirt, they could rent an excavator or buy their own. The same goes for transporting materials, whether it’s over land to another location or shipping goods to customers. This is where a plant hire service becomes an ideal option.

The Benefits of a Plant Hire Service

You may be wondering why a construction company would need to rent heavy machinery when they can always buy it? Well, there are a few benefits to plant hire.

Save Money

Saving money is one of the main reasons. Rental prices for heavy equipment can be much lower than buying it, especially if the company’s only going to use it for a short period.

Purchasing heavy machinery also takes money upfront. And if the machinery has to be shipped to the location, the shipping fees can be astronomical. If a company only needs the machinery for a short period and isn’t going to use it after that, it’s a better option to rent instead.

The company will also save money in the long run because they will only pay to rent the machinery they need.

Save Time

Another advantage to renting over purchasing is that the former takes less time. Finding a machine to do a job for a few months or a couple of years then setting it up is less time-consuming than the process of purchasing machinery.

Choosing Heavy Equipment for Hire

Here, we’ll share some tips for hiring heavy equipment.

1. Know What Is Needed for the Job

Companies need to rent equipment that fits the job. For example, an excavator may do the job, but it’s not ideal for every situation. The wrong equipment can lead to frustrations, problems and waste time.

Lighter machinery is better for jobs like digging and moving dirt, while heavier machinery is better for moving large gravel piles.

2. Make Sure You Hire Equipment That’s Easy to Use

It’s also helpful to hire equipment that’s easy to use. If it takes a while to figure out how to operate the equipment, you’re wasting valuable time that could have been spent on getting started with the project. So, in order to maximise the hire period, rent equipment that is easy to operate, or choose to also hire an operator (wet hire).

3. Ensure the Equipment is Insured

This is a very important part to consider, as renting heavy plant machinery can be dangerous if not operated properly and you will need to know what the operator is covered for.

A Plant Hire Service Can Save Time, Money and Effort

At the end of the day, a plant hire service can help companies save money, time and effort. Rental prices are lower than the price of purchasing, and they can be more affordable than having to maintain purchased machinery that hasn’t been used for a long time. They can also be convenient when a company only needs the machinery for a short period. If a company decides to purchase heavy machinery, they could have to wait a long time for the equipment to be delivered and also find a space to house it.

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