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5 Aspects to Consider When Transporting Heavy Machinery

Transporting heavy machinery and equipment is an incredibly complicated job that requires laser-sharp focus, sharpened skills, and years of experience. Whether it’s the most essential aspect of acquiring transport vehicles or dismantling and reassembling equipment, you’ll need a seasoned professional who knows the proper way to complete these processes. Leaving it in an amateur’s hands may lead to expensive problems that can compromise the whole operation.

While getting equipment from one point to another sounds simple enough, the equation changes when you’re handling large machinery. You’ll have to make sure that you have everything you need to guarantee the safe transport and arrival of your machinery or vehicles, as moving involves a lot of logistical challenges. Here are five aspects to watch out for when transporting heavy machinery:

Using The Right Binders and Tensioners

A crucial part of transporting your heavy equipment or machinery safely is investing in the right tie downs. It will protect your cargo and absorb shocks that often come with navigating roads, such as road bumps, rough weather, and other aspects. Moisture can also damage your equipment, so it’s imperative (if needed) to choose the right covers that will not only safeguard your items from damage and scratches but also rust and dampness.

Dismantle and Reassembly

Some equipment must be taken apart before it can be transported to its final destination, as carrying it whole may be too unwieldy while risking damage. However, it’s also essential to ensure that they can be reassembled upon arrival. This process requires in-depth, extensive knowledge and skill, and manoeuvering to get advanced equipment, so it’s crucial to entrust this task to professionals. Any mistake can wreck your cargo and require costly repairs or replacements. Ensure that you hire a specialist to guarantee your equipment’s safety from point A to point B.

Proper Vehicle Management

Carrying heavy machinery and equipment across long roads means that the operators may encounter many challenges, requiring them to be incredibly skilled and precise. They must manoeuver all roads, avoid hazards such as potholes and hairpin turns, and ensure that the equipment stays safe and secure in the prime mover. You’ll want only the best for your cargo, so it’s important to entrust it to haulage solutions that are renowned for their proper vehicle handling and management, as it will safeguard your sensitive equipment.

Access to Specialty Equipment

It won’t be possible to transport your machinery using regular private vehicles, which means you’ll need access to specialist moving equipment that are specifically designed to transport heavy loads safely and securely. With the proper tools, you can rest assured that your cargo will make it to its destination in perfect condition. Be sure to work with a contractor specialising in heavy machinery transportation and have the most modern and up-to-date equipment available.

The Different Moving Vehicle Types

There are many moving vehicles available, making finding the right one to transport your cargo a challenge. You’ll also need to find drivers who can manoeuver these vehicles with skill and expertise. For instance, KEE Transport has a team of expert operators and a fleet of dollys, low loaders, and prime movers, which we will select according to your needs. Our models include the Freightmore Transport 3 x 4 Drop Deck, the 2020 Mack Superliner Prime Mover (130t), Kenworth Prime Movers (130t), Drake 2 x 8 dollies (100T) , and Volvo FH16 700 Prime Movers (131t)


Keeping these aspects in mind is crucial when transporting heavy equipment or machinery across long distances, as you’ll want to guarantee their safe arrival. By considering each of these factors, you’ll enjoy smooth and stress-free transportation of your precious cargo.

For all your heavy equipment transportation and advanced equipment needs, be sure to contact us at KEE Transport! We transport heavy plant machinery to sites around WA, but we also service Australia. Our operators are highly-skilled and well-trained, which means we can take care of hauling your expensive assets safely to their destination. Contact us today to find out how we can help!

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