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5 Common Areas Where a Water Truck Is Used: What to Know

From its importance in construction to its applications in the mining industry, a water truck has a crucial part to play in the earthmoving business. If you are running a site in Australia, the chances are that your business will need to invest in one, or hire one from a reputable provider.

A water truck, which is designed with a huge tank on the back to store large volumes of water, can be used for water delivery, water haulage, landscape watering, compaction watering, and dust suppression, among others.

As it is a vehicle designed to carry a moving load (rather than solid), it has a specifically designed tank subframe and chassis. They can be built with front, side, or rear sprays and come with various pump options, hose reels, fill points and outlets.

Water is constantly required in road construction to assist with soil compaction and unsealed roads need regular spraying to prevent dust issues.

In this article, we’ll cover five common fields or areas where a water truck is usually required:

1. Construction and mining

When it comes to construction and mining, a water truck can be extremely useful. This is because it stops the dust from rising and spreading in a large-scale construction or mining operation. Not only is dust disruptive to machinery, but it can also be detrimental to the workers’ health. For this reason, a water truck is used to suppress the dust from being scattered during the construction phase.

2. Farming

A water cart is beneficial in farming where it is specifically used for irrigation. It is all the more needed during a drought when crops are dying. The truck is usually driven around the arid fields to supply the crops with water until the dry spell is over. Many farmers and farming communities have these trucks readily available for use when needed, especially during rain shortages.

3. Fire fighting

Water trucks can be a life-saver when it comes to fighting fires. With an enormous supply of water stored in the tank, the water cart can supply water to fire trucks. and help put out the fire before severe damage is done. Water Trucks are used both proactively and reactively in firefighting. It is all the more needed in rural areas where fire hydrants and water sources are not readily available.

4. Emergency water supply

The truck can also be used during an emergency situation, such as when communities are impacted with no safe water supply during a natural disaster such as a flood, storm, or earthquake. Frontline workers typically use this truck to provide water for the public to rehabilitate the community.

5. Residential usage

In some cases, bulk water delivery companies make use of this truck to carry large volumes of water to deliver to homeowners. For instance, you may contact such a company if you need to fill your swimming pool with water or if you have a large property, you may use a water truck to spray your land. This vehicle can also be used for residential areas under drought control or those domestic properties with untreated well water.


Whether for farming, construction, mining, firefighting, emergency water supply, or residential use, hiring a water truck could very well be crucial for your site.

Be sure to invest in a robust vehicle from a trusted and highly reliable supplier. Also, remember to set safety measures in place for running and operating the truck.

If you are looking for reliable water trucks for hire in Perth, KEE Hire is a great place to start. We’re Australia’s leading civil and mining support and equipment service provider that focuses on hiring, transport, surfacing, and fuel services. KEE Hire purchased two robust Isuzu water carts in August 2020. You’ll benefit from the powerful performance and sturdy design of Isuzu; the comfortable cab and ergonomic layout will boost productivity for your site. If you’re specifically looking for a versatile water truck for your job, get in touch with us today to see how we can help!

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