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5 Considerations to Make When Transporting Oversized Loads

If you need to transport oversized loads as part of your business, you’ll have to consider vehicle hire to help you out. It’s challenging to bring such large quantities or objects without advanced equipment, so it’s vital to deal with a company specialising in these kinds of equipment. By talking to a reputable company with expertise in dozer hire, you’ll enjoy a safe and timely delivery of all the loads you need to handle.

Still, it’s crucial to conduct a lot of research about how to transport the equipment or large earthmoving plant machinery safely. Without doing your due diligence, you’ll risk overlooking rules and regulations that can land you in trouble with the law along with hefty penalties. Here are five considerations to make when transporting oversized freight in Australia:

Choose the Appropriate Transport

Before contacting a service to transport your oversized haul, you’ll need to verify that you require an oversized shipping container. The Road Safety (Vehicle) Regulation states that 1999 containers do not qualify as oversized freight, so it’s essential to check what you need. Still, you can’t randomly choose a vehicle, as you must choose one that can adequately support the size and weight you must carry.

Research the Truck’s Limit

Apart from looking into the legal limits for oversized shipments, you’ll need to determine the maximum weight that rental vehicles can carry. Doing this will ensure that you’re compliant throughout all the states you’ll traverse to deliver the freight, preventing any surprises in penalties or rule violations.

Additionally, it will help to learn more about the requirements around load weights that you must follow to ensure everyone’s safety. Specific load weights require a precise number of axels to distribute the weight evenly. Australia has also implemented restrictions around a container’s length and dimensions, preventing the incorporation of more axels.

Check Company Policy on Safe Loading and Unloading

When browsing for a company to hire, you’ll need to check their policies around safe loading and unloading. Dealing with oversized shipments has its dangers without instituting property safety protocols, so you’ll need to ensure that the company has policies about securing a correctly packed load. Review the company’s qualifications and insurance policies to guarantee road safety while transporting your shipment.

Look Into Required Safety Signs

You’ll have to bring safety signs to accompany the vehicle and container when delivering an oversized load. However, there are different rules about this throughout Australian states, so you’ll need to clarify the safety standards with the transport department to make sure you can meet them. You can also double-check with companies you plan to work with and ask if they comply with these regulations.

Avoid Transporting at Night

Lastly, Australian law dictates restrictions for specific oversized vehicles when travelling at night. To abide by this, check the vehicle’s dimension limit and assess whether it fits with the regulations, allowing you to determine if you can transport your shipment overnight. Otherwise, you’ll have to account for stopovers or repacking, which means extra expenses.


Dealing with oversized vehicles means ensuring that you meet all weight restrictions and limits to abide by safety regulations. You’ll also have to prepare properly by reviewing the mapped-out route and accounting for all possible out-of-state travel and requirements. By considering these five factors before transporting your oversized shipment, you’ll feel safe and secure in choosing the right vehicle hire for your shipment.

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