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6 of the Most Reliable Tyre Brands in the World

Your tyres are among the most important components of your vehicle. After all, they carry the entire weight of the car, truck or machine, and its passengers and loads. Tyres are also responsible for controlling acceleration and deceleration. The more friction on your tyres, the more easily it will start and stop.

Every person should invest in high-quality tyres for their vehicle. Not only can it contribute to a smoother drive, but it might also mean the difference between life and death. After all, the better your tyres, the better they will be in an emergency.

To help you navigate the complex choice of choosing a car tyre brand, read on. We have compiled this list so you can make more informed decisions about your vehicle. With no further ado, here they are:

1 – Bridgestone

This Japanese manufacturer is the largest in the world, producing a wide selection of tyres for many uses. Whether you’re looking for high-quality racing tyres or economical city driving tyres, they likely have a product for you.
Their products have over 180 factories and R&D facilities around the world, and they sell tyres in over 150 countries around the globe. They are one of the world’s most trusted tyre manufacturers and are always a great option for motorists of any kind. KEE Transport Manager, Nathan Terrell, mostly uses Bridgestone or Michelin for his trucks. “They are proven to be by far the best for our low-loaders”, he said.

2 – Hankook

This South Korean company was founded in 1941 and remains one of the most popular manufacturers or radial tyres for trucks of all sizes and buses. They produce roughly 92 million tyres per year and have been providing high-quality products for intensive industries for almost 80 years.

3 – Michelin

This corporate giant from France provides tyres to over 170 countries. They are considered among the most important innovators for tyres in the motor industry and led the development of the radial tyre. Their products are well-known for their high performance and safety levels.

4 – Pirelli

This company from Italy has been a leader in tyre technology for over 140 years. Their tyres are designed to tailor to each vehicle’s performance and each driver’s needs. Their products are highly-prized by drivers who value a comfortable driving experience.

5 – Continental

German companies are well-known in the automotive industry for a reason. For over 150 years, Continental has proven itself a reliable player in the industry. Their tyres are designed for performance, durability, and safety on any surface and every season. KEE Field Service Manager, Zekan Erceg, swears by the German brand. “In my opinion, Continental are absolutely the best tyres on the market,” he said.

Tyre Maintenance is Universal

Regardless of brand, if you hope to make the most of your tyres, you need to maintain them properly. This means regularly checking your tyre pressure, avoiding road hazards, not loading more than necessary, and taking them in for servicing. After all, if you take care of your tyres, they’ll take care of you. Well-maintained tyres are always better at reducing the risk of accidents.

Final thoughts

Every motorist must understand that the key to efficient and smooth driving is in the components. If you want your car, truck, or machine to be more than the sum of its parts, you must choose the right ones. Beyond that, you must also take care of and maintain these parts to ensure a safe drive at all times.

If you’re looking for a provider of advanced equipment that uses only the highest-quality parts, give us at KEE Group a call. We are well-known for our dedication to customer service and unparalleled logistical support for our clients.


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