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865B And 672G/GP Tier 3 Motor Graders: A Closer Look

A motor grader, also known as a ‘road grader’, ‘grader’, or simply a ‘blade’ is a machine with a long blade that can create a meticulously flat surface. Motor graders are used in various industries, spanning from the fields of agriculture, construction, mining, and for the necessities of creating roads.

The earliest graders were towed by horses or oxen in the late 19th Century, then a little later they were pulled by steam-powered tractors. The modern graders are dedicated, self-propelled motor graders, fitted with GPS technology, and use the latest engine designs.

At the very beginning of building a new road, any major rubble is removed by bulldozers or scrapers. Once the rough grading has been performed, grader operators are sent in to complete the task or fine grading the road. By using the precision of a road grader, the operators are able to achieve the correct angle and exacting pitch required by the engineers and asphalting crew before the base course and road surface can be finalised.

Graders also work rather well when paired with other pieces of heavy-plant equipment, especially when it comes to land grading tasks and inclined surfaces. Graders can also be used to mix materials, which is why most construction companies opt for these machines. With their precise functions, setting gravel foundation pads and native soil finishes are made easy.

Due to their flexibility and versatility, one can deduce that investing in hiring a grader would be a very wise and cost-effective decision for any construction project. This is certainly true, but an important question remains—which motor graders are the best on the market?

To help you arrive at a well-informed decision, we offer you two of the best graders on the market, available as rental equipment from KEE Hire. Take a look at our advanced equipment options:

CASE 865B Grader

The 865B is part of the 800 Series Motor Graders, all of which boast of a powerful engine and rugged A-frame. The 865B, however, provides plenty of stability that cannot be found elsewhere. It’s also deemed as an industry-leading machine, with best-in-class serviceability, and outstanding productivity. It’s also easy to maintain and can withstand even the harshest conditions.

Why choose a CASE 865B?

  • Productivity: With the 865B, you’ll have access to both manual and automatic shifting. Your operators can easily match the engine’s capabilities to the constricted conditions, especially since it comes with a direct-drive transmission. You’ll be enjoying increased power and stability, as well as a rear-ripper that can accommodate attachments of up to five teeth.
  • Fuel Efficiency: The 865B is deemed as one of the best pieces of project equipment and for a good reason—it moves and performs with less horsepower than the average grader, but can do twice as much. It also comes with better fuel economy, allowing you to save more without sacrificing work quality.
  • ENGINE POWER: 220 hp/ 164 kW
  • OPERATING WEIGHT: 15 330 kg/ 33 796 lb

John Deere 672G/GP Tier 3

KEE Hire has just purchased two brand new John Deere’s- and they are ready for hire!
The 672G/GP Tier 3 is one of the best, if not THE best grader on the market. Part of the John Deere SmartGrade series, this piece of construction equipment comes with top-notch grade-control and is calibrated to its maximum potential. It’s a machine ready for use, saving you time and energy of trying to figure it out. It’s been in the industry for the last 100 years, guaranteeing efficiency and value for money.

Why choose John Deere 672G/GP Tier 3?

  • SmartGrade™ Configurations: The 672G/GP Tier 3 comes with industry-first smart configurations, which essentially makes it ‘ready to use’. Its cabin and structures come with key grade-control components that allow better and smoother operation. It’s also heavily guarded against theft and damage, ensuring that your investment stays intact.
  • Comfortability: The 672G/GP Tier 3 comes with an eight arm-rest mounted, ensuring that the operator remains comfortable for longer periods. There’s also a level steer and fingertip actuated controls, all of which are neatly and cleverly designed.
  • ENGINE POWER: 220 hp/ 164 kW
  • OPERATING WEIGHT: 19 976 kg/ 44 040 lb

Ensuring Project Success With The Best Equipment

The construction industry is a competitive arena to be in. The most successful projects will have one thing in common—a trusted motor grader working behind the scenes. As you plan your next construction project, make sure that you have the power of motor graders by your side and in this case, either the CASE 865B or John Deere 672G/GP Tier 3 motor graders!

If you’re on the hunt for the best plant hire in Perth, KEE Group is the place to go. We are a company passionate about everything construction, so allow us to help you achieve successful projects. We offer you the best machines in the market, all guaranteed to be safe, efficient, and worth your investment. You can hire these graders straight from KEE!

Find out more—reach out to us today.

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