Rachel Beers

A Need for Speed

“My top tip on life is to do at least one thing that is solely for yourself and that it is your passion,” says our Hire Co-ordinator Rachel Beers, and it’s exactly the motto she lives by.

Rachel (or ‘Beersy’ as she is affectionately known) has a passion for speed and so, at the age of 43, she decided to take up motor racing, where she reaches top speeds of 230kmph.

“I have always been interested in speed and have owned numerous motorbikes and high-powered cars over the years,” Rachel says. “My partner Wayne competes in racing and after a while, I got fed up with being pit crew and decided to give it a go!”

At the time, Wayne was building a new race car for himself. It was 2015 and people had started racing Hyundai Excels (a 1.5-litre engine 81 hp 60 kw car) so he suggested she start with a small-engined Excel.

“This suggestion was shot down in flames,” she laughs. “I asked him, ‘What do I drive on the road?’ and he answered ‘a 6ltr V8’. My response was, ’Then that is what I am driving on the track’.

Three months later, two V8 VE Commodore sister cars were built.

For someone who is relatively new to racing, Rachel has done incredibly well. In 2021 our KEE adrenaline junky came an impressive second in the WA State Championship, second in the WASCC Championship, and second in the Improved Production Association of WA Championship. Not bad for someone who took the sport up only eight years ago.

When asked what makes her want to compete, Rachel explains: “When I put my helmet on, I have total tunnel vision. I am in my zone. The adrenaline kicks in and all other thoughts disappear – nothing else matters. I love the speed and intensity; the thrill of the race is addictive.”

Rachel’s most memorable race was last June at the Supercars weekend in Darwin. “We had been going there for years. but this was the first time I actually raced rather than being part of the pit crew,” she said. “I competed in three races with a field of 38 competitors. There was a huge crowd and an amazing atmosphere and I finished 8th in my class and 11th outright.”

Rachel’s love of her extreme sport might also have something to do with her upbringing. Being the youngest, with two older brothers, Rachel’s recollection of growing up was ‘being one of the boys’. “My childhood was spent climbing trees, falling off of skateboards, making mudslides by the creek and messing about on motorbikes.”

Aside from her need for speed, Rachel had an academic brain and her favourite subject at school was mathematics. Fast forward a few years and in 2006 her career path drew her to the waste and recycling industry. Rachel loved the intensity of the logistics side where she was responsible for managing the drivers and the trucks.

Rachel has been with KEE for just over a year now and has been a lifesaver for our hire team. “What I love about the hire game is that no two days are the same,” she says, “and whatever the day brings, we always have fun and enjoy a laugh!”

KEE Group is proud to sponsor ‘Beersy’ and if you would like to show your support, she will be seen whizzing around the tracks at Darwin Supercars Round in June.

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