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A Quick Construction Guide: Why Choose Caterpillar Dozers?

Lean, Mean, Ripping Machine

Caterpillar has become a household name. It is the world’s largest construction equipment manufacturer and was ranked #204 on the Global Fortune 500 list in 2020. Serving major industries like general construction, gas, mining, oil, marine, the American company is an industry leader in innovation and technology, offering some of the finest equipment in the world.

Caterpillar, or ‘CAT’ as it is more commonly known, has a diverse range of products, including excavators, wheel loaders, haul trucks, graders, and tractors. Apprentice mechanics and operators are generally trained on the CAT machines, which is perhaps one of the reasons why they have become so popular.

One of their most highly regarded pieces of equipment is the Dozer. This lean, mean, ripping machine with its enormous blade fitted to the front is seen to be one of the more intimidating pieces of equipment on a site.

Why should you invest in Caterpillar dozers?

Dozers are generally used for demolition work, using their massive size and claw-like metal plates to push brick, soil, sand, dirt, and other heavy materials from one place to another. They’re also commonly used for land clearing. These innovative bull-dozers can take care of most tasks in a single swoop, uprooting everything in the way including unwanted trees, shrubs, and debris.

If you’re planning to hire advanced equipment for your next project, here’s a quick rundown of Caterpillar’s dozers and why you should invest in them:

Dozer Models by Caterpillar—Which one is right for you?

1 – Caterpillar D8T Dozer

The D8T bulldozer is perfect for those looking to increase productivity without sacrificing costs. It allows operators to gain maximum efficiency without burning too much fuel. It’s also equipped with a four-speed transmission, complete with superior technologies making the experience worth investing in.

The D8T is very easy to operate, as it comes with fully automatic equipment with adjustable manuals. It comes with innovative added technology, such as the Engine Idle Shutdown Timer. If the tractor is accidentally left in power, the machine will automatically shut down during idle time.

The D8T is also a crowd favourite due to its built-in safety features. It boasts rear vision cameras, with cylinder mounted mirrors to enhance visibility. There are also handles, guardrails, and carefully planned steps available, ensuring better and safer boarding.

Golden tip: Interested in the D8T dozer’s power? KEE Hire has you covered—we offer innovative Caterpillar equipment for hire, available now.

2 – Caterpillar D6R2 Dozer

Much like the other Caterpillar models, the D6R2 dozer has been designed primarily with the operator’s comfort in mind. Using this world-class dozer, you’ll be able to produce high-quality work with ease.

It has Roll Over Protection Structure (ROPS) and all-around better visibility. Gear and direction selection has also been made easier, thanks to the built-in control panel. There’s a cooling system built specifically for high debris environments, keeping the equipment safe and easy to clean in the event of a blockage. It also comes with weather features, such as reversible fans and batteries for colder areas.

World-Class Advanced Equipment in Perth For Your Construction Needs

Here are some of the most popular Caterpillar machines KEE Hire currently has available:

  • Caterpillar 226B Skid Steer
  • Caterpillar 140m Grader
  • Caterpillar 950K Wheel Loader
  • Caterpillar 962M Wheel Loader
  • Caterpillar 966M Wheel Loader
  • Caterpillar 980M Wheel Loader
  • Caterpillar 740B Articulated Water Cart

Hiring Caterpillar equipment will always be a popular choice. Their technology-driven dozers remain to be a crowd favourite, especially when it comes to big construction projects. Allow these dozers to plough, clear, and carry even the most difficult pieces—they get it done!

For the best dozers for hire in Perth and surrounding areas, KEE Hire is the place to call. We offer you machinery and equipment at its finest, gathered from the best companies all over the world. Experience an unparalleled full-service at the best prices—reach out to us today.

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