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Another Milestone for KEE Fuel

Has everyone noticed the fuel prices lately? Onwards and upwards as the world enters recovery mode. Although here in Western Australia we have been sheltered from the worst of COVID-19 and to be honest most companies we talk with, in both transport and construction segments, have all said they have “never been busier” – I guess we really are the lucky ones.

The other big change in WA is that we have seen our refinery close. What will happen from here as WA looks towards importing all its fuel products? Prices should become more competitive, right?

We will see several new storage facilities completed in the next few years and the refinery change into a major storage terminal. WA should see an increase in terminal capacity to over a billion litres of fuel products. The question is, how long will that last us all, and if there are supply chain disruptions for any reason, how likely is that even to happen?

January was also another milestone for KEE Fuel as we welcomed our latest piglet into the family! This gives us surety of supply, with two trucks heading to the northern metro projects and two heading to southern projects as we play our little part in the recovery and infrastructure programs. KEE Fuel will have you covered.

And for those of you who are interested in following Kazumi’s career, our trainee has been busy:
Inducted into a fuel terminal – check
First Aid certification – check
An official traineeship commenced – check
Inducted into basically every project in Perth- check

At almost 19, Kazumi is ready to fit the “L” plates on again to head towards another training milestone. Good luck Kazumi, you have the best team in the business to help you with this!

Leigh Hayward, KEE Fuel/Spray Manager  Connect with me


Photo by Katharyn Quinn ©2021

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