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Ask These Questions When Choosing a Plant Hire Company

Carrying out a project or performing business operations does not mean spending a lot of money on procuring heavy machinery. You can accomplish the things you need to by renting equipment from a professional plant hire company.

There are many advantages to hiring equipment instead of buying it. First of all, buying means significant capital expenses. Plant hire costs are obviously much lower than buying outright. What’s more, you don’t need to worry about repair and maintenance costs since you’re hiring.

Renting equipment also saves time and money. If you do not use specific tools or vehicles regularly, it is more efficient for you to rent them. The cost you have to put into renting might also be tax-deductible, which means even more savings for your company. Some plant hire services also have the capacity for on-site maintenance. You can call them if you find issues with their machines, and they can go to you and see what is wrong.

In hiring heavy equipment, you need to have a step-by-step process. You cannot go out and rent the first tool or vehicle that looks like it could do the job. Here are things to remember when evaluating plant hire services.

How Much Equipment Do They Have for Hire?

It is always better to rent equipment from specialised plant hire companies. Speak with an expert to know if the equipment you need for your project is available—the company you want to partner with should have various equipment and attachments to provide you with the best one for your needs. Large-scale plant hire companies will have hundreds of units for hire, so you have a wide variety of brands and models to consider.

How Old Are the Units They Have for Hire?

You must also consider the age of the equipment you want to rent. It is crucial to discuss the equipment’s age with the professionals—don’t hire the really old machines. Older units mean a higher chance of mechanical failure. To avoid dealing with delays from parts breaking down, look for machines that are two to five years old. Also, consider hiring from companies that provide insurance coverage on their vehicles. If you find issues in these units, the plant hire company can claim the insurance for repairs.

How Soon Can They Deliver the Equipment?

Also, you need to know when they will dispatch the equipment. You should be aware of delivery times, conditions for delivering, and other matters. If you need immediate delivery, you should inform the plant hire company. Some offer next-day delivery, but you must clarify with them that you prefer this for the equipment you’re hiring. If you aren’t on the same page regarding delivery times, it might cause delays right at the start of the project.
Some companies might have machines on display at the front of their yard, and one would assume they are ready to go. But you would be surprised at how often this is not the case. With B-Team outfits, they often wait until the machine is booked to be hired before they bother to fix it!

Do They Offer Support to Their Renters?

Having the equipment you need for a project is one thing—getting the service support you need is another. The company you rent your tools and vehicles from should offer support while their equipment is with you. For instance, they should provide repair and maintenance services. You don’t need to pay more for machine maintenance—the plant hire company’s engineers should be able to repair and maintain these machines on-site, or supply a new unit.


Renting equipment for a short-term project is often the best route, especially for companies that only need to use machines like excavators, smooth-drum rollers, multi-tyre rollers, or dump trucks for a one-off project. Finding the best company to rent from involves a little research. Generally speaking, though, you want to hire from a place that ensures it has up-to-date equipment, streamlined processes, and a robust support system for its renters.

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