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CASE Excavators: A Rundown of the Best Machine Models

In the landscape of construction and mining, having the best team on board is paramount to success. You’ll want to have access to the best designers, architects, engineers, project managers, operators, and crews with blueprints serving as your tools towards goal realization. However, a project cannot even begin without the help of heavy plant machinery or equipment. If you’re looking to construct a new skyscraper or hunting for sandstone in quarries, investing in a good excavator is a great way to get your project started.

Some of the best excavators on the market remain to be those made by CASE. They offer superior power for maximum productivity, as well as fast cycle times for better performance.

If you’re looking for the most advanced rental equipment, KEE Group has you covered. We offer you CASE’s state-of-the-art excavators, which we discuss and analyse below. Successful completion of projects has never been easier with these KEE Hire machines at hand:

The CASE CX145C Excavator

The CASE CX145C is best for urban job sites, as it boasts of low external noise levels. With such features, one can easily work in the city, including highly restricted conditions like residential areas, without creating too much unwanted noise.

This machine also comes with an Intelligent Hydraulics System, which allows you to enjoy better fuel economy. The machine also boasts of better operator controllability, which allows better lifting performances. Operators will be able to move and fit materials at short periods, accelerating the construction process.

The CASE CX235C Excavator

The CASE CX235C (pictured) comes with the CIHS, or the Case Intelligent Hydraulic System. This feature allows energy-saving functions like no other and also enhances performance for better machine outputs. Combined with state-of-the-art Tier 4 diesel engines, you will be able to save on operational costs. This excavator also comes with a GPS system, allowing staff to map out the site with ease.

The machine has also been designed for operator comfortability, as it provides access to all service points from the ground level. Huge doors are aligned on either side of the cab, which supports better safety protocols. While CASE machines rarely malfunction, such a feature allows your operators to enjoy peace of mind.

The CASE CX350C Excavator

The CASE CX350C is regarded as a power performer, especially since its Tier IV engine has been designed for fuel efficiency and low emissions. Despite these changes, the excavator remains to hold enormous power, supported by advanced hydraulic systems that boost production.

The machine is also known for its speed, with features allowing increased digging forces through the use of the auto and superpower mode. With such advanced features, you never have to worry about downtimes and other potential construction barriers.

The CASE CX55B Excavator

The CASE CX55B is a mini excavator, but its sheer power should be enough to support your construction projects. With powerful digging capacities and extremely comfortable operator rooms, your staff will be able to stay for longer periods, increasing your productivity by tenfold.

You’ll also be able to gain access to various corners of the construction site, even nooks, and crannies that can be hard to reach. Any potential damage will be curbed by its minimal tail swing, supported by a centre swing-boom control.

Note: KEE Group also offers Case 14t Excavator (Rubber Trax) for your construction needs.

CASE: The Best Excavator For Hire In Perth

Thanks to advanced technology, design, and engineering, CASE excavators continue to be one of the best construction machines on the market. They offer maximum flexibility, performance, and productivity, regardless of the model chosen. These machines also boast of greater fuel efficiency and durability, ensuring value for money. With their help, your construction projects will be met with success.

If you’re on the hunt for the best plant hire in Perth, KEE Group has you covered. We are Australia’s leading civil and mining support service, dedicated to serving clients across industries. Allow us to supply you with the best construction equipment, along with unparalleled services to ensure 24/7 support. Reach out to us today to learn more.

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