Employee Profile: ‘KEE are my family away from home’

“I don’t need Google, I’m married to her” is written on the T-shirt worn by our Hire Co-ordinator’s husband.

Nat has a brain like a Microfische File, full of random facts and figures— she is known in the office as ‘The Oracle’ and randomly even remembers bar codes! “My brain is a sponge and it absorbs everything, even if it’s of no relevance at the time, twelve months down the track it will become useful and I access my ‘archives’. I’m constantly learning new things each and every day.”

This will give you an idea of how clued-up our quiz-master queen Natalie Martin is. Even at school, Nat was known for being a whizz-kid and excelled in mathematics and business studies. Born and bred in Perth, Nat began working in the construction industry at an early age and at 16 she was quoting for timber at Bunnings. She quickly moved in to their finance department as their Credit Supervisor, where she had 15 people working under her and looked after 50,000 customer accounts. After working in finance for 19 years, Nat decided to move in to a co-ordinator position and has just reached her five year anniversary working at KEE.

“My job is to make sure machines are ready to go and are delivered to site when promised. We have excellent communication between the Workshop, Hire, Fuel and Transport divisions here in the office and any issues can be resolved pretty quickly. I rely on our Fuel division to get the machines topped-up, our Mechanics to make sure each machine is safe and equipped and our Transport men to get my gear out, I am lucky to be surrounded by such a dedicated team.”

Her Germanic mum said to her “I know you’ll be successful in whatever career you choose because of that stubborn German head on your shoulders!” Our self-motivated Hire Co-ordinator is currently studying Contracting Law, “I always want to learn new things and it will give another aspect of what we can offer our clients”.

“I’m really happy that we’ve moved to a bigger workshop, we had totally outgrown our last offices with the expansion of each division”. The funniest thing I’ve witnessed in the previous office was when Damon had a contest (with himself) to try the hottest chilli on the market. Clayton filmed the whole ordeal and needless to say it ended with us driving him to the hospital!”

When she’s not driving the boss to A&E, Nat spends her free time with husband Tim and their 13 year-old (going on 23) boy Josh. “Our favourite place to be is camping in Sandy Cape, Jurien Bay with our Staffy’ Luna and a cold beer. My husband plays in a Beatles tribute band at the weekends and I have played the guitar for the past 20 years.”

“I live by the motto Live. Love. Laugh!” And it’s certainly Nat’s laugh in the office that keeps the place a cheerful space. “Family is everything to me and I’m happy to say KEE are my family away from home.”

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