Food Fit for a FIFOODY

Would you be able to make fast, delicious dinners in a FIFO kitchen after a hard day’s work in a sweltering hot workshop? Many FIFO’s take the easier option- to eat out or grab a take-away.

But what if, like our KEE Group Northern Command (KGNC) mechanic Norman Mayor (pictured), you don’t like fast food?

The only option left for our Zimbabwe-born ‘FIFO-ODY’ was to learn how to cook for himself!

“I learned through trial and error, from experimenting and from my need to eat healthily,” he said.

Norman came up to Port Hedland in 2018. With the temperatures often hitting 45 degrees, a greasy burger and fried chips on the menu can be hard to look forward to.

“My top tip for FIFO workers would be to be prepared and batch-cook.”

After an exhausting day in the heat, not many people would want to be standing by a stove, so Norman recommends making a big pot of food on your day off and spooning dinner-size portions into 7-8 containers ready to freeze. This not only allows the meals to marinade, it also means that there is very little to do at the end of the day. Just heat the pre-made meal, crack open a beer and put your feet up!

“My favourite dish is Curried Chicken. I’ve discovered that the harder it is to get to a piece of the meat the tastier it will be, which is why I choose chicken legs over breast meat every time.”

Norm’s Tasty Ginger Chicken


Fresh coriander,
Curry powder
Garam Masala
Chicken Drumsticks


Cut the chicken off of the drumsticks
Mix chicken with yoghurt, garam masala, curry powder, cumin and turmeric and let it marinade.
Finely chop x1 onion
Finely chop x5 garlic cloves
Grate the ginger
Put x1 teaspoon of oil in a pot and warm
Put onions and garlic in pot and stir, when onions are browned, add the chicken and ginger.

Once the chicken is cooked, put a little water and then the eggplant into the pot.
When the eggplant is softened put fresh coriander in and let it simmer for about 7 minutes.


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