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How to Pick the Right Bulldozer for Your Project

Dozer, short for bulldozer, is one of the staples in many industries and projects, such as mining, quarries, farms, and the like. They are a powerful piece of the machinery with a mounting plate in front to push and carry material from one place to the other easily and effectively. Dozers are also designed to rip as well as push and have either a single shank ripper or a tri-shank ripper (pictured), which break the ground up so the dozer is able to penetrate and push material.

Today, we want to talk about the dozer, more specifically what you need to know to pick the right ones:

Which Type of Dozer Should I Pick?

To pick the right type of dozer, you must understand the distinct types available. In the world of bulldozers, there are three types you can find: tracked dozers, swamp-tracked dozers, and wheeled dozers.

Tracked dozers, as the name implies, are bulldozers with tracks to operate on uneven terrain. They are also the most common type of dozer, simply because they can operate on almost any terrain. With swamp-tracked dozers, the tracks are much wider to distribute the machine’s weight over a larger surface. This makes the dozer a lot lighter, improving its grip on swampy or sandy worksites and also reduces the risk of it sinking. Finally, wheeled dozers, as you might have guessed, are bulldozers with wheels on them. They offer better speeds and manoeuvrability at the cost of power.

What Size Dozer Best Fits My Needs?

Just like how there are different types of bulldozers, there are also different size dozers for different needs. These range from the tiny D3 to the massive D11, and each has its use cases.

From D3 to D4, these are considered small dozers. They are not used often in Australia, but they still see some action, from forestry works to even agriculture. On the opposite end is the D9 to the D11 dozers, commonly used for large-scale projects.

Of all the sizes, the most common dozer size is the middle-sized dozer. These include the D5 to the D7 models. They are popular because of their incredible versatility paired with the latest features like GPS technologies. They can work on small and large construction projects with ease. As such, if you are looking for an all-in-one solution that can work for many of your projects, pick a dozer anywhere from D5 to D7.

KEE Hire has a wide variety of brands and sizes of dozers for hire, from Caterpillar, Komatsu, CASE, John Deere, and Sany. They have attachments for the blade to clear scrub up to a width of six metres and can supply the dozers with or without Topcon GPS systems. KEE also has dozers with six-way blade control, which is particularly good when using final trim GPS applications. They can also supply dozers fitted with HEPA re-breathing systems which are designed for working in asbestos conditions, to protect the operator from micro-particles.


With all of that in mind, we hope you will be able to pick the right bulldozer for the job. Remember, different types of dozers exist for different terrains, and there are varying sizes for each type to fit in different projects. Consider the projects you carry out commonly and create a list of requirements that your dozer must meet. In doing so, you will be able to invest in the right dozers for the job, helping you complete your projects faster and better! That said, if you are looking for dozer hire services, take the time to look for a reliable, professional company. This guarantees that you get well-maintained dozers that work well in ensuring your project gets completed!

KEE Group is Australia’s civil and mining support service, promising exceptional services covering hire, transport, surfacing, and fuel. If you are looking for dozer hire, check out what we have in our fleet.

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