Kee Directors’ Family Early Pioneers in Transport

As an introduction, we would like to share a part of the Directors’ family tree.

Yes, there’s a reason as to why Damon and Clayton are so passionate about the industry; their family roots have been firmly entrenched in the transport industry since as far back as 1889!

Known as “The uncrowned King of Wanneroo” James (Jasper) Spiers 1849-1935 was one of WA’s pioneers in the transport industry, making his fortune in the cartage contract business. His son’s William and Robert took over the business when Jasper retired. As industry leaders they moved from horse and cart into motor transport as early as 1918.

From there, their sons took over and their sons after that. Damon and Clayton’s father is a truck driver and they followed in his footsteps driving low-loaders from 1995 up to the launch of KEE Group in 2009. The boy’s now employ nine truck drivers who between them this year have driven a whopping 1,872,000 kilometres. To put it into context, that’s the same as going around the world 47 times!

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“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts”
— Winston Churchill

Photo by Martin R. Smith

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