Kee Group Progress

After several years of exceptional support from our customers and suppliers, we thought it pertinent to keep you updated on the progress and development of KEE Group.

KEE Hire:
There were significant changes to our fleet in 2017 with more than 100 new units added as part of an upgrade and expansion program, which we will continue with into 2018. We are also proud to announce the addition of several dozers and artic dump trucks to our fleet. These new assets have been put to work with our clients both here in Perth and in regional locations where the mining sector continues to develop.

With the demand from clients to reduce overheads and increase reliability we are now pleased to report we also offer a full wet hire service from our team of qualified operators and the support of our KEE Fuel division. This is proving very popular on a multitude of projects and what we believe is the way forward in reducing project costs and increasing productivity.

KEE Transport:
What a year 2017 ended up being and we are now looking forward to a massive 2018. A major coup for us was the ability to invest in an extensive revamp of our fleet with purchases on new state of the art prime movers complete
refurbishment of our existing trailers and the addition of our first 100 tonne low loader combination.

KEE Surfacing:
Our surfacing division was awarded a couple of new exciting projects at the end of last year, not only utilising our asphalt crews, but with our newest venture profiling. We have new plant arriving at the start of February-including pavers, profilers and rollers.

KEE Fuel:
In the last 12 months KEE Fuel has experienced some remarkable growth. Today we are delivering ten times more product than the same time last year and are becoming a recognised brand within the petroleum industry. To keep up with the required volumes we are close to receiving a third delivery truck and the second unit, which will have direct access into the fuel loading terminals. Delivery of this unit is expected mid to late February 2018 and will help us fully cover the Perth metropolitan area with dedicated tankers based South, North and central Welshpool area.

KEE Sweeping:
To bring a one and a half billion dollar project to life is no easy feat. The sheer volume of planning then moving onto the construction phase and blend all the elements together is quite frankly a remarkable achievement. No matter how large or small the contribution it all adds in some way to the end result. And that’s where KEE Sweeping stepped in. Every afternoon at 5pm, cleaning up the days debris from the roads surrounding WA’s newest icon. It may be a small contribution, however KEE were part of the team that helped deliver Perth’s colossal stadium.

Words and pictures by Katharyn Quinn

Our people are our greatest asset

KEE Group are growing fast and we are often looking for the right people to help us make it happen. If you would like to join our team and share in the excitement, get in touch today!

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