KEE Hero Saves Woman’s Life

Our very own Dylan Garratt saved a woman’s life.

The 39-year-old truck operator was en route to deliver a machine in the North West when he noticed a car over-take him. Further on, he noticed a huge dust cloud up ahead. A car had flipped onto its roof and crashed down far off the road and into the bush. It was the same woman who had overtaken him.

Dylan acted quickly. He pulled his truck over and ran over to pull the woman free from the car. Unbelievably, the woman was conscious. He rang for an ambulance and waited with her for over an hour until they arrived.

If he hadn’t spotted her, there would’ve been a very different outcome. “The driver was surely one of the luckiest people to walk away from such a crash,” said a paramedic. Midday in that part of the North West the temperatures often reach a sweltering 40 degrees and above. Her car had skidded so far off the main road that it would have been unlikely for anyone else to have spotted her after the dust cloud had settled. “If Dylan hadn’t been there at that exact moment, who knows what would have happened.”

But that’s not where the story ends. Dylan’s good deed has a twist. After driving on to Mount Magnet, he woke the following morning and went to the roadhouse to get breakfast. Who should be there to serve him? The woman who he had saved the previous day.

Needless to say, our hero’s breakfast was on the house! Well done Dylan!

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