KEE Surfacing – A Decade On

One of The Originals; James ‘Coady’ Coad is pictured left, receiving his commemorative gift for ten years’ service to KEE, from Surfacing Manager Teokotai ‘Bumpy’ Samuel.

It’s 2021, and we are proud to say that KEE Surfacing has now been running for a decade.

This year we had the pleasure of presenting our original employees of KEE Surfacing with their ten-year service awards. As we are a relatively new company, it’s good to see that we have kept our old-school team members who believe in loyalty. Congratulations to James Coad and Barry Weaver for ten years’ service. Their solid hard work and dedication to KEE Surfacing is both inspiring and commendable.

Our projects have been ticking along nicely, keeping all our teams busy. In addition to our current order book, I would like to make mention of our successful inclusion into the Metropolitan Network Contract Annual Works Program. We are very grateful for this opportunity to assist Downer Mouchel in maintaining our great state’s road network.

KEE Group has invested in further new equipment for our division; with the arrival of our two brand new spreader trucks for our spray seal division, our Super 2100 Paver for our base laying operations, fully equipped with MM-GPS levelling system, and a full replacement of our rolling fleet. This is to ensure not only our teams have the best equipment, but also our valued clients. With our growing capabilities, assisted by our team’s experience and can-do attitude, this can only be a good thing.

In 2011, KEE surfacing started with a vision and goal of where we would like to be in ten years, we set out to focus on providing solutions to all our clients and gained many small wins along the way. I guess the question now is, “where will we be in 2031?”

“The POSITIVE THINKER sees the INVISIBLE, feels the INTANGIBLE, and achieves the IMPOSSIBLE”

Teokotai (Bumpy) Samuel, KEE Surfacing Manager  Connect with me 


Photo by Katharyn Quinn ©2021

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