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Historically, the surfacing business slows down as we come into the winter months. Our employees dread winter due to restricted hours and lack of overtime. We battle against mother nature and pray to the weather gods to be kind to us!

However, this year we have been busier than I have ever seen before. With the Wanneroo/Joondalup interchange, Great Eastern Highway, Mitchell Freeway, Williams and the Water Corporation works C.O.P just to name a few, our crews were kept incredibly busy.

I would also like to make mention of the Garden Island Causeway. The causeway required profiling (24000m2), spray seal (24000m2) and asphalt (black 17500m2 and red
6500m2). The catch was, it needed to be completed in just two weeks!

With the expert coordination of all our internal entities, this was a challenge to say the least. Like any job, we had a glitch when we were impacted by rain and lost a shift, however to meet the exacting deadline, we actioned a 24 hour asphalt laying shift to complete these works on time, alternating two KEE crews, both nine men strong. I’m pleased to say, we delivered what we promised, and the causeway was completed within the client’s specification.

Well done to all the surfacing team over the last few months, here’s to a sunny future to you and all of the KEE family!

-Bumpy Samuel, KEE Surfacing Manager

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