A Decade of Dedication: Anita King’s Ten Years of Service at KEE

Surfacing Administration Manager, Anita King is part of KEE’s exclusive Ten Years of Service Club. Anita has been with us from very early on, helping to build the foundations and contributing to the core values upon which KEE now stands.

Anita was brought up in a large family household with four sisters and one brother. “Growing up in a family of eight with one bathroom and one TV was a bit different to today. We often had to line up to use the toilet or shower and would fight to get our favourite TV show on, with dad usually winning that fight,” she says, smiling. “I have watched more episodes than I care to remember of The Benny Hill Show! I still can hear the show’s theme song in my head!”

From Family Values to Corporate Success

Guided by the strong work ethic of her father and the nurturing nature of her mother, Anita’s foundational values were cemented early on. “My Dad can only be described as a true gentleman. He was also very hard working and often had two jobs to help put all six of us through private schools. My Mum is the consummate nurturer and carer, and is still looking after everyone today.”

Mrs King; Our Queen of Surfacing 

KEE’s Surfacing Manager, Bumpy Samuel says, “Anita joined the company back in 2012. She started at the front desk at our humble office in Balcatta, and she has had exposure to all departments that make up what we all know as KEEGroup.” He continued, “Anita’s main strength is her ability to give direction (even if you haven’t requested it LOL!), which keeps us all in line. Her attitude and work ethic have been assets to the business, and we look forward to Anita helping us drive our division for many more years to come.” Anita thrives in KEE’s unique work culture. “I love working with Bumpy, Damon, Clayton and Antonia. KEE is definitely a different place to work. Certainly not a normal office, which is why I like it. It’s a lot of fun, but we all work hard. There is a big “care factor” with what we do.”

With her Hungarian heritage, Anita has been to Budapest twice now. “When I fly in, I feel a connection. It’s a feeling that’s hard to describe,” she said. “The restaurants on the river opposite Buda Castle are a favourite place to eat and all the buildings lit up at night along the Danube are absolutely spectacular. I love the city and can’t wait to visit again.”

Anita and husband Sean have two sons, Jordan and Tom who have moved from WA for work, and one daughter, Hannah, who lives in Perth with her partner and her three-year-old twins. “Although home-life is a little quieter now, I get everyone home together at Christmas and most Easter holiday breaks so that keeps me happy!” Anita is pictured with her grand-daughter, Lani.

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