We are known for our superior spray seal, profiling, base course and asphalt laying crews.

We’ve built our reputation as the industry’s best in Western Australia. We have achieved this by carefully crafting and cultivating our expert crews from all over the world. It always comes back to our people.

KEE Surfacing embarked on a journey in 2012 with an unrelenting passion to provide World Class services to Tier 1 producers. Today, our capabilities have significantly grown along with our client base, allowing us to deliver a service provision that is all-encompassing, highly unique and seriously effective. Our surfacing crew has created a truly envious track record, delivering exceptional quality and productivity, irrespective of size or location. Whether it’s 600,000 tonne laid to exceptional MRWA standards on North Link for a Tier 1 producer, a footpath for the Town of Cambridge or an international runway for a Tier 1 civil contractor, KEE Surfacing has demonstrated competitiveness whilst adhering to and maintaining the highest quality and safety standards. No clever marketing or empty promises. Just an unrelenting passion to be purveyors of an exceptional end product, both safely and reliably.


Since the outset, KEE Surfacing has been a successful partner of every major road project in Perth. We were awarded the contract to lay the largest tonnage road project in the history of WA and have worked on every major freeway project spanning our great state. The KEE difference is a workforce of bitumen and asphalt laying professionals who have been hand-picked for their combined experience and vast knowledge, to deliver cutting-edge techniques and safety processes. To work hand in hand with asphalt, we established fully operational profiling and spray-seal divisions.

KEE Profiling are the market leaders in technology

Our 800HP 210XP W150 profilers have been refined by Wirtgen and with the addition of our 1m machine, rate as the most advanced profiling machines on the market today. With choices of either standard drums or fine milling drum cutting systems, KEE Profiling have the capabilities to serve the local government sector as well as major asphalt companies and civil construction companies.


KEE Spray Seal: providing unrivalled experience, unprecedented quality and a revolutionary approach

Leading the way in technology, our spray seal team utilises the first two SRE telescopic sprayers in the state. No project is too small or too challenging for our highly skilled teams. The sprayers are set up with variable spray bars to allow for multiple application rates in the one run, this is ideal for sealing shoulders and wheel paths accurately and efficiently.  Whether it be metropolitan or regional, our spray seal team can travel to all corners of WA to offer the utmost quality of seal.

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KEE Base course: adding the foundational element to our surfacing division.

Our base course division is producing some of the finest jobs the state has ever seen. Having the ability to lay the base, profile existing roads, spray-seal and then asphalt has enabled KEE to become Australia’s first company to deliver all aspects of road surfacing.

Using the latest VOGELE Super 2100-3 PAVER and 3D Leica Levelling System, our base course crews can create a minimum screed width of 2.55m to a maximum of 6.0m with a layer depth of up to 400mm.

Our mobile and fully automatic IMS-PM1050-16TB Track Pugmill has an impressive maximum output of 500 tonnes per hour, and is used in conjunction with our IMS-MSO-40B Horizontal Silo.

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The K Team’s Mobile Asphalt Production

2023 has been a year of firsts for the team at KEE Group and the KEE Surfacing division. We have welcomed not one but two new mobile asphalt plants, landing us firmly in the asphalt domain. With these high-calibre plants, we can supply and operate in more regions than ever before, allowing us to better meet the needs of current and future clients.

Nicknamed the ‘Bandit’ by the K-Team, our new Lintec CDP5001M continuous asphalt mixing plant produces 50 tonnes of asphalt per hour. Due to the plant’s compact nature, high mobility and flexibility (with a 2 ½ hr set-up time), we can rapidly mobilise Bandit and be mixing in no time. The plant is ideal for smaller projects and remote locations (for example, a new car park).

We are also proud to introduce the beast that is ‘Big Ginger’. This sustainable gem can produce up to 150 tonnes per hour, with the inclusion of recycled asphalt products and it is ideal for large-scale works such as a 200,000tn airport project.

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Our people are our greatest asset

KEE Group are growing fast and we are often looking for the right people to help us make it happen. If you would like to join our team and share in the excitement, get in touch today!

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