Prime Movers in Australia

KEE Transport – 5 of the Best Prime Movers for Transporting Goods in Australia

A ‘Prime Mover’ is a truck with a robust engine that can haul bulky towed or trailered loads for long distances. Prime Movers (also referred to as heavy-duty trucks) are capable of carrying heavy-plant machinery and can transport large quantities of materials to different places using their strong pulling power.

Ships can only ship goods from port to port, rail networks can only reach city to city. The trucking network, however, can transport items to and from even the most remote of location sites.

Ultimately, prime movers are a cost-effective freight option and can reach parts that other transportation cannot.

Why Your Business Will Benefit from a Prime Mover

Prime movers come with various trailer combinations, each serving a different purpose. Thanks to their powerful engines they can haul impressive loads effortlessly, all kinds of jobs will be possible with the right combination of storage trailers.

Here are five types of prime movers and how they are configured:

1. Semi-Trailer

These are the most common types of prime mover trailers, as you can use them for general storage and transportation of goods safely. They typically come with a maximum loading capacity of nearly 50 tonnes, and these are safely moved using a twin-steer axle and tandem axle group for stability. The length of a semi-trailer will be approx 19m and height between 4.3m to 4.6m.

2. Semi-Trailer With a Dog

The semi-trailer with a dog variant comes with five axle groups and holds a maximum storage capacity of 84 tonnes. They do not exceed 27.5 metres in length and can be attached to other trailers using a converter dolly. The whole length extends to 53.5 metres, adding the sixth axle for better control.

3. Semi-Trailer With a Pig Trailer

Pig trailers are larger than the dog variants but have only one axle with two wheels holding the weight of the entire load. This trailer links up to a tow vehicle using a drawbar and has a height that does not exceed three and a half metres. They also carry only up to a capacity of 65.5 tonnes.

4. Semi-Trailer With Both a Dog and Pig Trailer

These consist of a single or twin steering platform with a semi-trailer towing both a dog-type trailer and a pig trailer. The length extends to 27.5 metres with a capacity of 84 tonnes and six axles for better stability.

5. B-Double Types

With six axles, these prime movers have two trailers that are linked together. The length of this reaches 45 metres and has a whopping capacity of 107.5 tonnes. These carry larger freight and are more stable for overall transport. B-Doubles can also tow a couple of dog trailers, increasing the length to 53.5 with eight axles. The capacity, therefore, goes up to 147.5 tonnes, which makes it one of the more popular vehicles on the market for heavy goods transport.


These five types of prime movers can provide business owners with various methods to transport their goods and products safely. While investing might be a bit of an over-kill for small and medium-sized enterprises, hiring the services of heavy-duty vehicles in Australia can make a huge difference. Invest in hauling goods the right way, today!

KEE Transport has the latest Drake Low Loaders, and the best models of Prime Movers in Australia. We’re ready to assist all businesses to transport their various goods and services all over Albany, Port Hedland, and Perth. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

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