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The past three months have been exciting to say the least, securing new clients under extreme circumstances and in turn allowing KEE Transport to show what is possible with a service driven team.

We were approached by a very well known customer in the transport industry, with an almost impossible deadline. The client asked for us to provide eight low loaders for a load out the following day from Perth into the Pilbara- this in itself is no mean feat, but this was on top of an already highly committed schedule.

As this was a new client, we were unsure if we were being tested to see if we could pull off such a task, checking we could deliver on our promise. But the end result is we accepted and completed the mission and now have the start of a very solid relationship, providing not only their North West haulage needs but now also their express ‘Hot Shot “ services and local recycling movements. In fact it’s been such a successful venture, that we have just sent our team over to their facility to assist them with developing a new load restraint and compliance plan. It’s been a major coup to win such a prestigious contract and I am incredibly proud of my team, who went above and beyond to secure it.

-Nathan Terrell, KEE Transport Manager

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