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KEE Transport – Our Guide to the Best Prime Movers

Transporting large, bulky, over-sized goods over long distances requires the right vehicle. In these situations, you’ll need a prime mover. These trucks can carry numerous heavy products, making it a cost-effective freight option for businesses hoping to optimise their logistics.

Prime movers are handy for transporting heavy cargo loads to even the most remote of locations, providing your business with an easy and worry-free way of delivering materials to their destinations.

What Can Prime Movers Be Used For?

These heavy-duty trucks with trailers allow the operator to transport over-sized items like mining equipment, construction equipment, and heavy-plant machinery. They are also capable of carrying over-height in-divisible loads thanks to their robust pulling power.

What are the Different Models of Prime Movers?

1. The Kenworth T659 Prime Mover 130t

This prime mover has a Cummins X15 Euro 5 engine with a horsepower of 600hp and torque of 2780Nm. It’s hardy and versatile, possessing the power to perform multiple functions that range from general freight to logging and mining. It can also transport these goods on or off the highway in single or numerous trailer configurations. With its superior performance, comfort, and safety, the T659 is one of the most reliable and versatile trucks.

The low loader truck’s sloping bonnet offers excellent visibility for the driver, and its drop front frame provides enough space for a large radiator. As a result, it provides outstanding cooling, even in the most taxing conditions. Its X15 engine also features Advanced Dynamic Efficient Powertrain Technology, which has electronic features that adapt dynamically to different operating needs.

2. The Mack Superliner Prime Mover 130t (pictured)

With an MP10 engine, horsepower that ranges from 600 to 685, and torque between 2810Nm and 3180Nm, this superliner prime mover can do it all. It’s perfect for managing top-end interstate line-haul, low-loader heavy-haulage, and similar uses. It also features mDRIVE automated manual transmission, which removes the effort needed to change gears. With its Mack PowerLeash capabilities, you’ll have full braking control even under stressful conditions, ensuring your safety.

Beyond its great controls, it’s also built for comfort, offering an expansive space to relax in after a long day of hauling cargo. It has a bunk almost one metre wide, power outlets for your devices, drink holders, A/C controls, and a digital clock. The 2020 Mack Superliner also features low emissions, making it an excellent choice for the environmentally conscious.

3. The Volvo FH16 700 Prime Mover 131t

The FH16 boasts a 16-litre Euro 5 engine, 700 horsepower, and a torque of 3150Nm. It’s one of the most powerful heavy-duty trucks globally, featuring redesigned pistons, a revolutionary oil thermostat, and a refined combustion process. With these qualities, it reduces fuel consumption and produces low emissions.

This prime mover was engineered for the heaviest and most demanding transport operations, offering a prestigious truck for companies who want something remarkable and extraordinary. Even though it produces higher power, fuel consumption remains the same, making it an efficient prime mover that boasts a lower environmental impact than its counterparts.


Prime movers offer a convenient and comfortable way of transporting heavy cargo across distances. These heavy-duty trucks come with remarkable capabilities that allow them to perform efficiently, thus reducing harm to the environment. The prime movers mentioned above are among the best in the field, guaranteeing you top performance with every haul.

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