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Key Trends in Construction to Anticipate in 2022

As the construction industry continues to be a vital sector for the global economy, this is a critical time for the industry to refine its long-term strategies to mitigate risks and provide a platform for future success. With the evolution of technology, the industry must continue to account for political shifts and emerging markets while staying ahead of the curve.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Australia’s construction industry has been significantly affected. The housing market is slowing down, and the commercial sector is at a standstill. Construction firms are finding it hard to secure new contracts as clients are holding out on signing new contracts until COVID-19 has subsided. Luckily, hope isn’t entirely lost because specific trends are rising to ensure that the construction industry can stay afloat during the pandemic.

What exactly are these trends? This article lists them down, so read on below to get started.

#1 – Protective Equipment

Protective equipment for the construction industry is vital for the safety of the workers, and it is something that is getting a lot of attention. Construction companies are now keeping protective masks on hand in case of an outbreak. These masks are used when construction workers work with potentially contaminated materials, such as concrete and wood.

For instance, if workers accidentally inhale contaminated concrete dust, they will mask up to protect themselves from infection. In addition, construction firms are also keeping protective clothing on hand, which can protect workers from contamination during COVID-19. In the event workers are exposed to the virus, protective clothing can prevent the virus from spreading to others.

#2 – Remote Worksites

Remote worksites are becoming increasingly popular in the construction industry. Worksites are expected to become quarantined in an outbreak to protect workers from exposure. Remote worksites, however, allow construction workers to continue their work without leaving the worksite.

This has proven to be a better option than other work options, such as worksite selection because it allows employees to continue working without worrying about leaving their worksite. This will ensure that the construction projects they are working on stay on schedule and can complete their long-term goals.

#3 – The Need for More Labourers

With an increased demand for the construction industry, labourers are becoming more in-demand because more jobs are becoming available. These jobs include general construction projects and post-COVID-19 cleanup projects.

Construction companies are slowly transitioning from hardware and machinery to labour. The transition will ensure that construction companies can maintain their projects even if the pandemic continues.

#4 – Technology

Technology is also something that is being heavily invested in by the construction industry to ensure its success. Technology can be used to keep workers safe and protected from the virus. While not all construction projects rely on tech, construction companies are now slowly transitioning from hardware and machinery to technology. Their ability to keep workers safe will ensure that the industry can continue to progress during COVID-19.

In addition, technology is also being used to create new, efficient ways to construct buildings. This is beneficial to construction companies because it will ensure that their facilities can still be built or repaired even if the pandemic is still going on.

#5 – Construction Drones

Construction drones have proven to be a precious asset for construction companies. These unmanned aerial vehicles have allowed construction firms to get an aerial view of the worksite and determine what materials need to be used. Moreover, the use of construction drones has also proven to be ideal for post-COVID-19 cleanup. Drones can be used to ensure that construction firms can clean up a worksite after construction has been completed.

#6 – Green Buildings

Green buildings are buildings that do no damage to the environment, and they also do not use up or poison the environment. Green buildings can be created by using eco-friendly materials and using the least resources. Green buildings are a growing trend in the construction industry.

Green buildings allow construction firms to be environmentally responsible and help reduce the costs of construction companies. Fewer resources are needed, which means construction firms can build the building quicker and cheaper.


With the construction industry being one of the biggest sectors in the global economy, construction companies must be working together to ensure its success. The industry is continuously evolving, and construction companies are working together to ensure that the industry can maintain its level of success.

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