Daniel Stacey

Our Digital Dynamo

“Daniel keeps everything safe, and he keeps everyone working,” says CEO David Cox. Daniel Stacey, aged 37, serves as our IT Manager at KEE, where he has established himself as an indispensable asset over the past seven years.

Growing up in the UK, the eldest of three siblings, Daniel experienced a childhood filled with outdoor adventures and the occasional scrape. “As a kid, I spent most of my time outdoors, always getting into trouble and exploring places I shouldn’t have been. I would head out as soon as the sun was up and only return home after it set; I’ve broken bones, had tetanus shots, and been chased by guard dogs (to name a few things). I had a normal childhood; we lived in a small house, and my bedroom was barely larger than a single bed, which is why I preferred to be outside. In 1998, Daniel’s childhood took a significant turn when his family relocated to Australia. This move was influenced by a health incident within the family that led his mother to realise the potential for a better life in WA.

Daniel’s first industry role was at PLE, a well-known computer retailer. He spent several years there before helping to launch PLE Corporate, a subdivision providing IT services to small businesses. At one point they had three Daniel’s working in the same section and assisting the clients with their issues. “Trying to determine which Daniel the client had been talking to on the phone was sometimes a challenge, so we resorted to nicknames: “og Dan” (me), “Daniel” and “baby Dan” (the newest), and to great amusement these nicknames ended up being yelled across the office or when speaking to clients saying things like “Oh, you were talking with baby Dan!”

Daniel’s professional evolution continued as he transitioned to larger Managed Service Providers (MSPs), where he concentrated on delivering comprehensive IT solutions. His tenure at KEE commenced in August 2017, and he was immediately struck by the company’s familial and inviting atmosphere. Unlike previous workplaces, KEE’s Directors were notably approachable and actively engaged in day-to-day operations, fostering a collaborative and supportive environment.

When asked about whether our industry should embrace or worry for the AI revolution he said, “AI is a powerful tool that can significantly enhance our day-to-day lives.” However he also believes it comes with challenges, including ethical concerns, job displacement, and the need for more advanced security measures. “As AI continues to evolve, it will become more advanced, capable, and accessible. The key will be to harness its potential while addressing its challenges, ensuring that its development continues to benefit society. This future could feature self-driving cars that completely revolutionise the transportation industry.”

Beyond the professional sphere, Daniel enjoys drone photography, often capturing breathtaking aerial vistas during his travels with his wife and two young children. “My favourite shot would be of the Pink Lake in Kalbarri, my wife chose a perfect time to visit; resulting in the lake turning into a mirror.”

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