“One of The Best Drivers I’ve Seen in Perth”

“Scotty is one of THE best drivers I’ve seen in Perth for a long time,” said RJV Site Supervisor Karl Husten. “He can reverse a dolly like no one else, he is a true professional; highly-skilled, punctual, respectful and reliable.” When a client is this impressed with one of our employees, it of course makes us feel exceptionally proud and this year we celebrate Scott Kostin’s ten years of service to KEE Transport.

“Crusty Demons”

Scott’s family moved over from NSW to Perth in 1988 after his Army Engineer dad was posted in WA from Townsville. Coming from a very fitness focussed family, Scott excelled at every sport at school, but it wasn’t until he was 25 that he found his true love, motor-bikes. When he was younger all his mates were into freestyle motor-biking, and they all watched the “Crusty Demons” a group in the USA who made videos of themselves doing daredevil stunts. This inspired Scott and his pals to copy the tricks. They built ramps and jumps in the bush and soon he was hooked. One of Scott’s top stunts is called “A Nothing”, which is where the rider launches himself off a jump, lets go of the handlebars and pedals and ‘starfishes’ so not one part of his body is touching the actual motorbike.

Knocked Out Cold

He now competes in motocross where the jumps are about 25 metres long and he can fly as high as a house! Of course, this kind of crazy activity can lead to various gruesome injuries. For Scott, he has been knocked out cold and stretchered away from competing. He has, in separate instances, shattered his scapula, broken his ribs and de-gloved his finger. The photos of the bruising sustained in another fall can send shivers down your spine!

Yet this lean, mean, speed-demon loves it. He loves the adrenaline and the competition. Asked where his favourite place to be is, he answered without hesitation “on my motorbike”. At the moment he rides a four-stroke Husqvarna FC450. He also owns a 1974 SLR Torana that his dad bought him as his first car for $1k. Now a much sort-after vintage car, it is worth around $100,000!

Ten Years of Service to KEE Transport

Before becoming a transport operator, Scott worked for BGC Asphalt for six years. He then moved on to driving machinery to sites and learned the ropes working for a low-loader firm. Having these two skilled professions under his belt, it was a natural transition to join KEE Group. When asked if he uses a sat-nav for transporting, the 45-year-old said “No need really, I helped build half of the roads we drive on in WA so it’s quite easy for me to find my way around!”

Scott bought a plot of land in Martin and built his own house on it five years ago. “I still have a bit of work to do on it, but now I’ve at last built my man-shed I can finally move the bikes out of the spare room!” He is a life-long member of Coastal Motor-Cycle Club and Scott can be seen competing at the next Manjimup 15000, a three-day event on a world-class track on Sunday, 5 June.

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