Our Guide to Bell Dump Trucks and the Benefits of Choosing Them for Your Project

“Bell Equipment was the pioneer of all dump trucks. They started way before any other company, this is why Bell’s technology has advanced further than anyone else. This is why we choose Bell,” said our director Clayton Spiers.

With their bullet-proof design and good, strong engines, it is clear to see why other brands and OEM’s have tried to replicate the original build.

Bell Equipment was founded by Irvine and Eunice Bell. Irvine was an engineer during WW2 and after serving for five years, he returned home and started a farm machinery repair service on the North Coast of Natal, South Africa. He was a master engineer and inventor and he designed and built various prototypes to help the farming industry. His machines were built as solutions to overcome the difficult terrain presented on the arid farmland.

One example was Bell’s lightweight, high-flotation earthmoving dumper trailer that was built to cope with the soft sand conditions in the 1970’s.

Now, after half a decade of fine-tuning their engineering and technology, they have introduced the Bell B45.

“The Bell B45 dump truck (45t) can carry about 4 tonnes more than other dump trucks in their class, and therefore they give customers more payload on-site” said Clayton. “As the Bell dump trucks are designed and built for the harsh conditions of South Africa, they are also very well suited here in Australia”.

Bell Equipment’s Articulated Dump Trucks (ADT) are incredible machines. These trucks are equipped with high power-to-weight ratios and fuel-efficiency features, making them one of the best ADTs on the market. They’re also one of the safest trucks available. They offer optimal comfort levels along with excellent multifaceted performance. The ADTs come in several different models, ensuring a perfect match for every need.

Here’s our guide to the different Bell ADT models and how to decide which is the right one for you:

Bell Dump E-Series Truck Models

The E-Series has been fitted with a Mercedes Benz 390kW/2 460Nm inline six-cylinder engine.
KEE Group has the following two models ready for hire:


The B40E elevates functionality to a whole new level of industry standards. This truck is equipped with enhancements that focus on improving processes that were at the top of the customer’s request list. It also offers the maximum level of automated machine protection available on the market.

Gross Vehicle Weight: 70,787 Kg
Engine Net Power: 359 kW
Rated Payload: 39,000 Kg


This truck is one of the biggest machines available today. Packed with power and performance, it’s rife with World Class-leading features that provide production-boosting payloads. Its benefits include lower daily operating costs, higher-grade ride quality, and top-tier safety standards. With all its advantages, it’s a prime candidate to add in your roster of project equipment.

Gross Vehicle Weight: 72,877 Kg
Engine Net Power: 369kW
Rated Payload: 41,000 Kg

Choosing the Right ADT

With a wide range of supplier ADTs at your disposal, it’s crucial for your project to choose the right one. One of the aspects to consider is the body style. With three variants on the market, you’ll have to select the type that best fits your needs.

There’s the traditional rectangle, which offers the most room on the bed’s floor. This type is one of the more popular styles, as it provides strength and agility. The second is the half-round style, which handles impact better than the traditional rectangle. It also has a lighter total weight and a greater payload capacity. And thirdly, the semi-elliptical style. This type looks like a hybrid between the previous two. It has the floors of the traditional rectangle body but with the haul shape of the half-round type.

You’ll also want to consider steel or aluminium for body metal. Steel is better for carrying abrasive materials like asphalt and gravel, as it’s more protected than aluminium. However, the latter metal is lighter and is an excellent choice for transporting non-abrasive materials. It also offers a greater payload capacity, but on the other hand, it’s more costly to repair and to purchase.

Think about your engine needs. Dump truck engines usually range between 300 to 600 horsepower. Carefully examine the load weight you intend to carry and match it to the appropriate engine, to ensure you’re paying for the truck that fits your needs.

Transmission is one of the critical aspects to deliberate over when finding the right ADT truck. Manual transmissions supply a broad range of gear options in dump trucks, offering operators more maneuverability to match the required engine speed. Although automatic transmission isn’t as flexible, it causes less operator fatigue, which occurs during long-haul jobs. However, if you want the best of both worlds, you may want to opt for an integrated automated manual transmission. This transmission provides both a more pleasant operating experience and more efficient energy consumption.


There are numerous ADTs available for hire equipment today. Each truck is built and designed to fulfill specific customer needs, which will help you find the perfect match. With the many benefits available in each truck model, you’re guaranteed the highest quality dump truck hire for your project.

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Photo Credit: Katharyn Quinn Copyright 2021

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