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“He has been exceptional” are the words straight from the transport and logistics manager at Austral Construction, Stuart ‘Foz’ Forster. “Todd is incredibly dedicated to his customers. He is very mindful of the state of equipment both going out and coming back in. He doesn’t let anything go out unless he’s 100% satisfied, which gives everyone peace of mind.” Todd and his crew have checked and supplied over thirty pieces of equipment to Austral Construction for the Gudai-Darri Project in Wittenoom alone. In fact, Todd has been so dedicated that the team at Austral felt compelled to send flowers and a card to his wife, after Todd made the decision to stay back in the yard until a machine had been sent out to them, almost missing his wife’s birthday dinner!

A very proud local Hedlander, his commitment to customer services is inspiring. Todd has also been successfully running the retail side of KEE Group Northern Command (KGNC), offering mechanical support to not only our own fleet of 700 machines, but also our clients’ machinery, trucks, and light vehicles. Covering everything from break-downs, engine repairs, electrical and air-con support, and field service. “It’s one thing for a company to buy brand new machines and put them out to hire, it’s a totally different thing to be able to support them with sincere, personal hands-on care and 24/7 operations and mechanical back up”, said our director Clayton Spiers, “that’s where Todd and his team step in”.

With over 35 years of experience in mechanical and logistics, KEE’s Port Hedland Branch Manager Todd Fuller certainly knows a thing or two about the industry. He is well known and well respected, having previously worked for Rivet, Boral, Finmec, Kalari, and Bruce Rock Engineering. “I know many people in the business and I believe that keeping good contacts is an essential element to bringing success to our yard”.

Born in Tauranga, New Zealand, Todd lived in the harbourside city with his parents, two brothers, and sister. His dad was a skilled mechanic who taught Todd his trade. “He worked in the logging industry and spent his career fixing skidders and low-loaders for Doug Campbell Logging”. From the age of 15, he used to shadow his dad at the workshop. “As a kid, my brothers and I loved football and rugby and we all did a fair spate of boxing.” However, Todd’s main passion was go-karting and rally car driving. “I used to compete against the different towns in a Mark One Escort, it was a lot of fun and sparked my competitive nature”.

At the young age of 18, Todd bought 50% into an engine re-conditioning business with mentor and business partner Laury Shutter. ’I had a choice of buying a house, or buying a business” he said, ”and at the time it felt right to step into something exciting, I guess it was a bit of a gamble”. Tragically, after only 6 months of the partnership, Laury died of a heart attack. Todd was thrown into the deep end. He had to learn fast and really step up. The gamble did pay off and after successfully running the business for 25 years, he sold it and began looking for a new direction.

Todd moved to WA with his wife of 31 years Tracy and their three children. Their favourite holiday spot is camping in Cape Keraudren.


Photo by Chris ©2021

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