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Powering into the Pilbara; A Home from Home

PORT HEDLAND, AUSTRALIA: In an admirable move to provide their clients with an even better service, KEE Group has announced a northern expansion, taking their services and workshop up to the Pilbara.

The branch is now open for business, with gear and equipment being delivered by the KEE team, supported by a team of suppliers and clients. Officially named as the KEE Group Northern Command (KGNC), the branch now serves as the key destination for North West Australia, which the company trusts will better serve clients from Pilbara and of course, the operators.

The launch also comes with the creation of KEE Group’s new website, spearheaded by KEEs’ Katharyn Quinn and Lethal Digital. With a full hire and service branch in Port Hedland, KEE Group will be empowered more than ever before, serving as the go-to company for supplying mining and construction projects throughout the state.

The project began in mid-July, where KEE Group took out a lease of a whopping 12,000 square metre yard in Wedgefield Industrial Estate. The project was undertaken by a hard-working team of mechanics, transport operators and Belgian back-packers, led by company director, Clayton Spiers. The expanse of red dust was successfully turned into an office, fully equipped workshop and transport yard.

Currently, the branch is working at full capacity, with rental equipment, hires, field-support service and transports already being carried out to the surrounding mining areas. The fully gated premises also consists of unparalleled facilities for washing and maintenance of trucks, ensuring that gear is always in tiptop shape before undergoing long trips.

Operators and mechanics now have a resting spot dedicated to them in the Pilbara. KEE Group continues to recognise the importance of their operators’ health and well-being, keeping operators safe as they work away from home. For this reason, the Port Hedland branch not only serves as a convenience for our clients but also as a safe space for our team to rest and recuperate. The yard serves as a “home away from home”, especially for the transport team who operate in the North. The area consists not only of a fully decked- out workshop, but also boasts a tropical garden, sleeping quarters, showers, lounge area, kitchen, and even a BBQ to enjoy after a long day of hauling and moving.

The industry continues to be demanding and constantly evolving, and KEE Group has dedicated itself to continuously learning, growing, and innovating alongside customer demand and employee satisfaction. This new company development is but a beginning of extensive company planning and of course, a commitment to change and betterment of all involved.

As the best plant hire in Western Australia, KEE Group continuously offers and develops new ventures and products, all geared towards better customer satisfaction. We are credible, reliable, and professional, completely committed to helping your business grow. With over 600 pieces to choose from, allow our team to serve you with a full-service provision, priced competitively. Reach out to us today to learn more.

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