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Prime Movers in Australia and their significance to the success of transporting heavy goods

All construction projects require transportation of heavy plant machinery and equipment to the site. One of the most efficient transportation machines to use is a prime mover, which has been designed to move and transport even the bulkiest of materials.

Projects call for long-distance hauling, which can be difficult to do with an ordinary vehicle. With robust pulling power, you’ll easily be able to transport large quantities of items, including vehicles, overweight loads, containers, machinery and so much more. Given the boom of the freight industry, it’s no wonder prime movers continue to be in such high demand.

The market has a variety of models—and combinations for transporting goods. How do you ensure that you choose the right one?

KEE Group offers the best transport solutions, using the most reliable prime movers available on the market, paired with an experienced and dedicated team of operators.

Here are just some of the Prime-Mover combinations we have on offer here at KEE Transport:

The Prime Mover Towing A Semi-Trailer: This mover works with a twin steer axle group, along with a tandem axle drive group. All these are hauled with a semi-trailer, which usually contains two or three axles.

The Prime Mover With Semi-Trailer Towing A Pig Trailer: This mover operates on either a single steer or a twin steer axle group, supported by a semi-trailer towing a pig trailer. This trailer boasts of two wheels holding the entire weight of your load, and the tow vehicles are connected via the drawbar.

The B-Double: This mover has been designed with a total of six-axle groups, also supported by two semi-trailers linked together. This mover is best suited for shipments carrying large items, as it can also tow one or two dog trailers, making it one of the largest prime movers available on the market.

The B-Triples: Out of the four types of movers, the B-triples are designed to house a total of seven axle groups. It can also support three semi-trailers, which is perfect for shipping bulky items in large quantities.

Choosing The Best Prime Movers For Transportation

From everything said and gathered, we can deduce that prime movers indeed play a significant part in the success of transporting heavy goods. They can carry bulky consumer goods from one place to another, be it heavy plant machinery, electronic equipment, or mining equipment.

Businesses are empowered to ship items across the country thanks to these trucks and their operators. KEE Transport can offer you the latest Volvo and Mercedes Prime Movers, all guaranteed to offer safe, fast, and quality transportation. Our prime mover operators are trained to the highest of standards, and their years of experience make them true experts in their fields.

For the best plant transportation in Perth, KEE Transport are the team to call. Allow us to handle your transportation needs—our expert fleet has you covered. For questions and quotations, reach out to us today to learn more!

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