Rhino let loose in Perth City

Last month, our first Rhino was let loose in Perth City.

This Rhino symbolises KEE’s unrelenting passion to deliver a value proposition that has no equal. The Rhino is an unmovable force that will never back down. Nor ever turn its back on its destiny to create a World Class business! The brand new 766HP Wirtgen Profiler was put to task on Victoria Park Drive and can be hired (along with our diligent profiling team) by calling Bumpy on 0487 178352.

Alongside our profiling team, our surfacing crews have been busy working on NorthLink Two, and (between rain and showers) achieving targets of around the 50,000 tonne mark, which is no mean feat for a year’s production, let alone reaching these enormous targets in one month!

Well done men!

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