Save the Date: Meet the Buyer and Supplier Forum

Get ready to unlock the gateway to success! Join buyers and suppliers at the RAC Arena in Perth for a game-changing Meet the Buyer and Supplier Forum. Here, the heartbeat of Western Australia’s road, port, and rail sectors converges as Buyers, the titans already steering major projects, unite with Suppliers, the dynamic Aboriginal businesses eager to fuel the engine of growth. This platform isn’t just an event; it’s the power source behind a surge of collaboration, capability sharing, and opportunity exploration that will redefine the landscape of industry engagement. 

 Who are the Buyers and Suppliers?

  • Buyers are the larger contractors currently engaged across the Portfolio agencies, carrying out existing works.
  • Suppliers are the Aboriginal businesses and labour hire agencies who are seeking to engage with the larger contractors.


The event will be held on Tuesday 14 November, from 9am to 2pm.

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source:  Main Roads

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