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Should You Rent Equipment for Your Construction Project?

Before buying plant machinery for a project, there are several things to consider. One would be the initial cost of owning a machine compared to hiring one. Another is the expenditures for upkeep and maintenance. A third would be how long the project itself takes and whether there will be similar ones in the future.

What to consider regarding finances

Think about how you will refuel the machine and the cost of maintenance. If the machine breaks down, you will need to hire someone to repair it, or your personnel will have to learn how to service the device themselves.

In comparison, if you hire equipment, it costs so much less than purchasing your own. Leasing instead of buying means you do not have to wait to see the ROI on the expense. It also means you don’t have to worry about fuel, maintenance or repair costs.

What to remember about upkeep

Buying machinery means you will need to think about where and when to get fuel. You must also have a diesel mechanic and schedule your machine for repairs. If you only have one device you use for a specific road-laying purpose, this might lead to delays in the project.

When you hire wet plant machinery, you don’t need to spend on ensuring that the devices are running smoothly. The company takes care of that. Wet plant hire also allows you to work on things that are more directly related to your contract.

What to consider about your project when hiring equipment

For singular projects or for projects that require multiple machines, wet plant hire is perfect. Hiring allows an increase in profits because there is no considerable spend on purchasing machinery you will only use once. The type of project also determines the kind of device you should rent.

Small-scale, backyard construction

Get a bobcat, skid steer, or small excavator for backyard projects. Since most yards are tight for space, it is best to use smaller equipment. You can also rent a tipper truck for hauling materials to and from the site, and the bobcat can load it up on the street.

Industrial and larger-scale projects

For larger-scale plans like commercial builds, you need tools for bulk earthmoving, trenching, and grading. You also need to consider the square footage of the space where you must work or put your hired equipment. Dozers, large excavators, graders, tipper trucks, and water trucks are all suitable for projects like these.

All-rounder machines 

Some projects need a combination of small and large machines. You can also use specific tools for all sorts of projects. For instance, excavators are great for all-around work. Bobcats and skid steers are also versatile. They can level out your work area and do other tasks like earthmoving and rubbish removal.


Renting the perfect machinery for a construction job requires knowledge of the time-frame, accurate measurements of the space within which you will work, and details on special procedures like levelling the ground or moving earth. Whatever your project, though, you’ll surely reap the benefits from leasing your tools short term.

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