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The Benefits and Value of the Volvo Excavator

Some people love Fords, some love Holdens, some would prefer a Porsche, over an Audi. KEE Group understand that people have different tastes and different ideas of perfection. That is why they feel so strongly about giving their customers choice.

When it comes to hiring excavators, KEE Group has the ability to supply a huge array of different machines and buckets, all in various sizes and designs to best suit their customers needs. But their excavators are not all from the same family. Their fleet boasts four different brands. This is because each and every client and operator has different personal preferences; everyone loves a choice!

KEE Hire can supply top of the range Case, Caterpillar, Komatsu and Volvo excavators. In this blog, we will discuss the benefits of the Volvo excavator.

With a brand like Volvo, the latest innovations and technologies are just within reach. Boasting better fuel economy, improved safety mechanisms, and unmatched productivity, no operator will choose to look over its autonomous vehicles.

Dry hire or wet hire, it pays to take note of the following factors that weigh into your equipment choices.

1. Digging Depth

Each project will fall into a specific depth category. When shopping for equipment hire, consider whether your project will require more reach. If so, you may be better off renting larger equipment on a case-to-case basis.

2. Lifting Capacity

As you would expect, larger project equipment will be capable of lifting heavier materials. Standard or large excavators with hydraulic capabilities will typically suffice.

3. Budget

If you’re working within a tight budget, it can be tempting to opt for a smaller excavator—but it won’t necessarily pay off in the long run. If you’re taking more time for each dig to accommodate a small excavator’s limited capabilities, foot the bill for a larger one.

4. Site Conditions

Take note of whether you’ll need to dig in multiple locations in a compact space. If you need a larger excavator, note whether you can store and transport it efficiently.

5. Counterweight Options

Power alone doesn’t dictate lifting capacity. Excavators need to be equipped with an adequate counterweight to anchor the labour of the lift.

6. Bucket Capacity

Beyond the size of the machine, whatever you’re lifting should fit into the excavator bucket.

7. Hydraulic Attachments

Think about what tools your project requires. Will you need multiple attachments or be lifting weightier objects? If so, select hire equipment with a hydraulics system.

Volvo D16 Engine – Large

equipment hire Perth


A high-quality engine, the Volvo D16 offers 11% increased horsepower to work for extended periods at greater fuel efficiency. Its features include:

  • A more powerful digging force that reduces cycle times, getting the job done faster
  • A heavy-duty boom and arm that boosts reliability and machine uptime
  • Attachments such as hard-wearing buckets

Volvo EC140E – Medium

equipment hire Perth

Promising superior efficiency, the Volvo EC140E produces maximum uptime. It also incorporates the latest fuel efficiency technology, reducing harmful emissions and consumption while increasing productivity. Its features include:

  • An ergonomically positioned interface that provides ultimate user control
  • Silicone caulking to prevent rust, waterproof harnesses, and bolted-on protection
  • Compatibility with a vast range of attachments
  • Convenient and safe access with guardrails and a wide compartment door
  • Hydraulics that match engine power to prevent loss and improve controllability

Volvo ECR58D – Compact

equipment hire Perth

Stable, robust, and low on fuel consumption, the Volvo ECR58D comes with a state-of-the-art hydraulics system that is suitable for road construction, utilities, and landscaping. Its features include:

  • A fast-responding and smooth-to-operate hydraulics system
  • A slim-pillar and large-window cab that offers all-around visibility
  • Accessible service checkpoints and grouped filters
  • A Stage IIIA engine that delivers top-notch performance
  • A heavy counterweight and durable undercarriage to create superior stability and the ability to lift heavier loads


Selecting the appropriate construction plant hire isn’t just about excavator size. Specifics will play into your decision and dictate the outcome of your project. Volvo excavators are on the top of the equipment food-chain and a have a unique lifting method that shouldn’t be overlooked.

At KEE Group, our large and mini excavators are among the most popular for plant hires in Perth. Our high-ranking capabilities and full-service provisions offer competitive pricing and incomparable potential.

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