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The Importance of Spray Sealed Roads

There are many ways to protect and enhance the performance of roads, and one of the best ways is by spray-sealing them. Basically, a spray seal would consist of a single layer of bitumen and is sprayed as a hot liquid and immediately followed by a layer of crushed aggregate.

It goes without saying that sprayed seals are an important element in the road system in Australia. Since Australia is sparsely populated within large distances, sealed roads are a necessity in low-cost road construction and maintenance techniques to help provide a network to connect neighbouring areas.

With that said, to ensure the roads are properly sealed, specific project equipment is used to protect and transform roads. Besides that, you must hire experienced contractors to ensure the roads are of the best quality.

An Important Element in Australia’s Road System

The Australian road system comprises 810,000km of roads, 330000 km of which have been surfaced with sprayed seals, concrete, or asphalt. With that, sprayed seals are actually the predominant choice for surfacing in different rural areas.

In that regard, sprayed seal areas account for 70 percent of all surfaced roads. By combining binders and aggregate, sprayed seals are held in place, allowing them to adhere to the underlying base and binder, rising and filling the space between the aggregates.

Where Can You Use Sprayed Seals?

There are different instances where sprayed seals can be incredibly beneficial. But of course, you must work with expert contractors since they will use the best products and project equipment to ensure the road systems are properly sealed for protection.

Here’s a list of where spray seals are ideal:

  • Protection for the road’s base due to water ingress
  • Protects a revitalised wearing surface
  • For minimal dust surfaces
  • For retardation of the deterioration of an existing road surface that has been showing signs of distress;
  • For restoration of the skid-resistance of an existing road surface

Why You Should Get Spray Sealed Roads

Spray seals are designed to help adhere and protect roads and work with an extensive range of traffic conditions. A single spray coat is sufficient for low-traffic roads, while two layers of a spray seal are best for heavy-traffic areas. Finally, three coats are best for heavy traffic areas with substantial volume.

A sprayed seal is a great maintenance measure for roads that suffer significant surface damage to keep the roads safe. A coat can easily revive the existing pavement surface, quickly restoring skid-resistance and waterproofing capabilities.

The Bottom Line: Enhancing the Surface of Roads, One Spray Seal at a Time

There’s no denying that the road systems in Australia need constant maintenance and improvement. Thankfully, spray seals can do an amazing job at enhancing and revitalising the functions of our road systems.

Of course, it’s a good idea to hire experienced contractors since they’ll use top-of-the-line project equipment and products to ensure all spray seal projects are carried out correctly.

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