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The Parameters Surrounding Industrial-Level Trucks In Australia

In Australia, you’ll see many enormous vehicles and giant dump trucks being used by companies to haul their ore and materials off of the mining site. Metal ore and other minerals can be extremely heavy, weighing up to over 450,000 kilograms for a full load. Since smaller trucks might take weeks or even months transporting a full extraction, the biggest trucks in the world are often used to expedite the whole process. Here’s more information on the largest trucks available in the industry:

Why Mining Trucks Have to Be Massive

If you’ve ever seen a mine site, you’ve seen the dips, the terrain, and the conditions people operate in every day. Australia has an incredibly demanding terrain, which requires trucks with large tyres and extremely powerful engines. The general rule of thumb is that a larger vehicle requires an equal or larger motor powering it to ensure that its entire chassis gets hauled effectively. If you’ve ever tried driving a heavy and underpowered car up an uphill slope, you’ll know its difficulties and challenges.

Manufacturing Measurements of Industrial Trucks and Vehicles

These large trucks are often built with monster sizes to be effective in mine sites. They won’t be any good on the road because of how large they are, making them dangerous for those driving around them. However, they are given the right measurements for practical use. Here are some measurements used by truck manufacturers:

  1. Height: The total measurement from the ground to the highest point. The truck’s bed must be level.
  2. Length: The total span from the front to the rear while the bed is level.
  3. Payload: Refers to the maximum carrying capacity of the truck.
  4. Gross Vehicle Weight: The total weight combined with the payload maxed out.
  5. Engine: Measured using horsepower.

These measurements allow manufacturers to produce some of the largest vehicles that operators can use effectively and efficiently while mining and transporting materials.

The Terex MT 6300AC

The Terex MT 6300AC was dubbed the largest available industrial truck. It might not be the size of a crane for skyscraper construction, but it puts even the largest trucks in its shade on the job site. It was introduced in 2008 and showed the mining industry how big a hauling vehicle could get, which created more options for hauling heavy ore and coal. Since Australia’s mining industry just increased over the years and continues to be powerful, it can haul over 400,000 kilograms on top of its own weight. It first saw use in Canada’s oil fields for tar sands but has since seen use in Australia for the booming industry.

It might be a truck that costs over $4 million, but it has plenty of features that can make it usable in various situations. Canadians use the heated bed to transport tar sands without them freezing and sticking to the metals. It can also allow easy transport from the mines to the processing centres nearby in one pass, making it more fuel-efficient than running tons of trucks in and out daily.


Heavy-duty trucks are essential in Australia’s job sites, as they can haul both waste products and ores in and out effortlessly. Compared to your usual consumer-level ute, it pays to invest in the large trucks for your mining operations, as these can further expedite the level of productivity and success.

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