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This Is How We Roll: Dynapac and HAMM Rollers

Dynapac is one of KEE Hire’s preferred suppliers of compaction rollers.

The Swedish company supplies the largest amount of compaction equipment worldwide. Their rollers are designed using superior technology with operator comfort at the top of their agenda. They also have Australian-wide service and support, which is critical for any hire company.

KEE Hire also love their HAMM rollers. HAMM, the oldest manufacturer of road-building machines in the world, started production in 1878. They were the pioneers of the industry.

“The quality of a German machine cannot be beaten”, said our director, Clayton Spiers. “They are known for their incredible ergonomic design, fuel efficiency, and they have the best oscillation technology in the world”.

Clayton was fortunate enough to be invited to the HAMM factory in Tirschenreuth, Germany. “It was inspiring”, he said, “they have the most technologically advanced machine assembly line in the world, it was meticulously clean, highly organised and the energy was dynamic. The workshop was state-of-the-art, almost futuristic.”

How to Pick the Right Roller for Your Project

What sets a genuinely superior roller apart from the rest, is advanced technology. The machines should be ergonomically designed, provide superb fuel efficiency, and quite simply, be of world-class quality. This is why KEE Hire uses Dynapac and HAMM.

To select the appropriate roller, consider the following factors:

Efficient compacting requires a machine that can complete the job in just a few passes and minimal overlap. A small double-drum pedestrian roller with rammers and vibrating plates are ideal for compacting narrow spaces.

Selecting a road roller also means taking a closer look at the duration of the project and how often you’ll need it. Compaction rollers make for a trustworthy addition to your fleet of road-repair equipment.

Oscillation rollers are the number one choice for metro or residential sites. The technology employed in an oscillator means there will be zero vibration, so the foundations of buildings and underground service areas such as water mains and electrical cables, will not be affected.

To select a roller that best suits your construction needs, it is a good idea to know about each type and its benefits.

Dynapac Products

  1. Single-Drum Vibratory Rollers
    Dynapac’s range of vibratory rollers is most suitable for road, airfields, harbours, and dam construction projects, able to compact all types of soil except rockfill. For cohesive soils, a vibratory roller with a padfoot drum will typically do the trick.
  2. Double-Drum Vibratory Rollers
    Dynapac offers a full range of double-drum asphalt rollers, that can be used in both compact spaces and larger sites. Its high-performing maneuverability, operator ergonomics, and safety are thanks to its vibration-dampened platforms, swivel seats, and logically sorted controls.
  3. Combi Rollers
    Dynapac’s combi rollers minimise the risk of damaging newly laid asphalt compound. As they are equipped with four rubber tyres at the rear, the rubber ensures a denser and smoother surface.
  4. Steel Drum Rollers
    The Dynapac CS1400 is the ideal modern steel drum roller, covering the asphalt mat with its full width. It’s suitable for medium and large-size projects in areas close to old buildings and on bridges, where the ground mustn’t vibrate.
  5. Pneumatic Rollers
    Dynapac has no shortage of pneumatic tyred rollers. They are high-performing, simple, and versatile in their ability to compact asphalt for sealing purposes. The CP1200, in particular, boasts a modular ballast system that allows operators exact visual control over wheel loads.
  6. Tamping Compactor
    The Dynapac CT3000 tamping compactor, with an operating weight of 22 tons, can efficiently achieve specified densities on both cohesive and semi-cohesive soils. It has an average production capacity of 900 cubic metres an hour and can supplement highway, dam, and airport runway projects.

HAMM Products

  1. Compactors
    HAMM’s articulated soil compactors range 5 to 25-t for soil and landfill compaction, with smooth, padfoot, VIO (vibration and oscillation), and VC (vibration crusher) drums.
  2. Tandem Rollers
    HAMM’s broad range of machines is appropriate for any application. Its double-vibration rollers (VV), VO rollers, combination rollers (VT, VT-S, OT), vibration rollers with split drums (VV-S), and the like suit all markets.
  3. Pneumatic Tyre Rollers
    HAMM’s pneumatic tyre rollers come in operating weights between 8 and 28-t for every type of market. They are easy to incorporate into earthwork and asphalt construction.


High-performing rollers will undoubtedly require less effort to achieve your construction goals. They will also give you peace of mind for the safety of your field service mechanics. The reason why our clients choose our Dynapac and HAMM rollers is that they know that these brands are leading the industry.

At KEE Hire, our trained operators and field support make for your ideal compaction hire. Our fleet of heavy plant machinery is versatile and available to rent; wet hire or dry hire. We pride ourselves on a unique and synergistic structure. We are available 24/7.

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