Essential Truck Maintenance Tips from a Legend

Ensuring the optimal performance of your truck is crucial for a smooth and safe journey. In this blog, we’ll share essential daily checks and maintenance tips to keep your truck in top condition.

1. Fluid Checks: “Water and engine oil are the life-blood of the truck,” says trucking legend Don Spiers,  Begin each day by inspecting these vital fluids. After a long trip, check for leaks when the engine has cooled, as rubber seals may contract, making leaks apparent.

2. Fueling Up: When refuelling, take the opportunity to check for issues by following these important steps:

  • Ensure the truck is switched off.
  • Get under the truck and inspect for water, diesel, and engine leaks.
  • Listen for air leaks in the air-lines.
  • Strike each tire with a metal bar to check for pressure loss due to punctures.
  • Check wheel hub temperature for potential issues with wheel bearings or axles.
  • Verify load restraints, binders, and ratchets.

3. Driving Tips: Dad’s Wisdom: “My dad, Don Spiers, who was a truck operator for 53 years, taught me to always think other drivers are drunk when on the road or passing. This mindset prepares you for evasive action if another driver behaves erratically,” said KEE’s director Clayton Spiers. “Another good tip Don told me was, when turning a corner with a heavy load, think to yourself that the load has not been strapped down; this is the amount of speed and caution you will need to take.”

4. Accident Response: In the unfortunate event of hitting an animal, do not swerve or break. Hold your line and lightly pump your breaks to decrease the speed. Refer to next week’s blog “Kangaroo Collision Response: Six Steps for Survival” for guidance on the necessary steps to take should you accidentally hit a kangaroo.

5. Essential ‘Sticky Situation Tool Kit’:

Every driver has a list of items they need to legally have on them while driving, but here is a list of items which will help get you out of a sticky situation, should you have an issue in a remote area with the maintenance of your truck:

What to bring in your tool kit:

  • Puncture plug kit
  • Metal hose clips
  • Nuts and bolts assortment
  • Side cutters
  • Various grades of wire
  • Male and female air-line connections
  • Spare air-lines and Susie coils
  • Various spanners and tools
  • Hydraulic and engine oil
  • Water and coolant
  • Three road cones
  • High-visibility vest

By incorporating this tool kit and these tips into your daily routine, you contribute to the longevity and safety of your truck. Regular maintenance ensures a reliable and efficient driving experience. Safe travels!

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