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What are the Different Types of Motor Graders?

A grader is a piece of construction equipment with a long blade used to create a level surface during the grading process. These machines evolved from creating a flat surface for roadways and other surfaces. The first iterations of the machine were pulled behind horses or farm animals, but modern graders contain a motor, so they are technically known as “motor graders.”

Different Types of Motor Graders

Motor graders usually come with a long metal blade hinged at one end. Some graders have a long metal arm attached to the hinged end, while others have a short blade and a long metal arm. Motor graders can be divided into classes based on the size of their blades. Most modern graders can be classified as “small,” “medium,” or “large,

Small Motor Graders

Small motor graders have small blades to fit in small or tight areas. Most of the time, they have the same controls as larger machines, used for the same purposes. Road graders of this size are commonly used for small construction jobs or landscaping.

Medium Motor Graders

Medium road graders have longer blades that can cover long stretches of land. They also have larger wheels and are used for larger jobs. Medium motor graders are commonly used for highways, roads, and large construction sites.

Large Motor Graders

Large graders are sometimes called “heavy motor graders”. The large motor grader is also used to prepare large areas of land for residential or commercial use.

The world’s largest motor grader was built in 1980, by the Italian Umberto Acco Company (pictured). The ACCO grader was a giant, measuring over 7.3 metres and weighing 181,437 kilograms. The monster grader included a blade over nine metres long and a total of 12 tyres. The front and rear of the machine articulated separately.

Motor graders can not only be classified by their size, but also depending on the arrangement of their frame. There are two types of categories graders can fall under; rigid frame motor grader and articulated frame motor grader.

Rigid Frame Motor Grader

The rigid frame motor grader is the most traditional kind, and it is usually used for everyday grading tasks. Rigid frame motor graders are commonly used to grade farm or construction use. This motor grader has a long rectangular frame that forms a rectangle. You’ll see it has four wheels attached to it on the frame. There are two on the front of the frame and two on the back. Meanwhile, the blade is attached to the frame by hinges, and it swings back and forth depending on how the machine is being operated. To control it, on the far back of the machine, at the tail end, is a push bar that is used to steer the machine.

Articulated Frame Motor Grader

Articulated frame motor graders are usually used for larger jobs. This type of machine has an articulated frame attached to two larger wheels. Each wheel has a steering wheel attached to it. The steering wheel is used to steer the blade along the road’s surface. Both wheels can pivot to allow the machine to turn in tight areas and driveways. The best thing about articulated frame motor graders is that they can go anywhere a truck can, and go faster than a small framed machine.


Road graders can be used for various applications, including grading, finishing, road building and snow removal. They are heavy duty machines with long blades.

Nowadays, grading machines can be classified by their size, frame, or uses. Rigid frame graders are the most traditional machines, while articulated frame motor graders are larger and are used to build big roads. But apart from that, there are also various types like small, medium, and large motor graders.

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