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What do Komatsu and 13 Elephants have in common?

Komatsu holds the Guinness World Record for manufacturing the world’s largest earthmover, a gigantic wheel loader known as LeTourneau P&H L-2350. With a 2300 Horsepower engine and a standard bucket capacity of 40,52 m³, it’s no surprise that it can carry an operating payload of 80 tons, the equivalent of 13 adult elephants.

Komatsu not only holds World Records, but it is also one of the game-changers in the construction industry.

The Japanese multinational corporation, which manufactures construction and mining equipment, was founded by Meitaro Takeuchi in 1921 in the city of Komatsu, after which it was named. The company is the second-largest manufacturer of construction equipment, with almost 60,000 employees and a revenue of over AUD 31 billion.

“Komatsu’s operate very well in our Australian environment”, said Mal McDonald, KEE Group’s business manager. “They produce robust machines with good hydraulic systems and well- configured track gear. It is also noted that our operators are consistently impressed with the air-con systems, which in this climate is an absolute necessity.”

While we may not have LeTourneau P&H L-2350 in our fleet, wheel-loaders are an incredibly important component to have on your site. Construction managers use these front-end loaders to move heavy materials from one location to another and are predominantly used in the preparation stages of a project. They are versatile and highly reliable machines, offering the most efficient method of transferring even the heaviest of boulders from one site to another.

The benefits are aplenty, but you wish to hire a Komatsu front-end loader, a little knowledge goes a long way. Here is a quick guide for you—we take a look at the reasons to choose a Komatsu wheel loader, as well as the models you can select from:

Why should I choose a Komatsu Wheel Loader?

1 – Boost your power and productivity

Komatsu wheel loaders are incredibly popular on WA construction sites. Some sites can also be rather confined, with obstructions on every corner, so it is best to invest in equipment that can carry heavy loads whilst navigating through tight spaces.

These front-end loaders are powerful and fast, helping you save on time and ultimately costs. With speed and a versatile form, Komatsu wheel loaders will be able to go through cycle time without any problems, almost doubling your productivity.

2 – Enjoy additional safety features and ease of use

Komatsu wheel loaders come with intelligent safety features. Your construction loaders will come with backup alarms and rearview cameras and have been designed to give optimal visibility from the cab for your operator.

Depending on the type you choose, it may also come with machine lighting, which is perfect for operators working during the night. Moreover, Komatsu wheel loaders also set new standards in the industry. With ultralow fuel consumption and innovative Powershift feature, you are ensured safe and exceptional machines.

Which type of wheel loader truck should I choose?

Hailed as an industry leader, Komatsu has developed various models of wheel loaders.
KEE Hire has a wide range of Komatsu wheel-loaders for hire; here is a list of the most popular models:

WA380-8 Wheel Loaders:

WA380-8 has a new technology Komatsu engine and a bucket capacity of 2.7-3.6 cubic metres. They are an ideal choice for general loading and handling operations. They are great for loading rocks and gravel, log handling, civil construction, and waste management purposes. They are also equipped with the advanced KOMTRAX remote monitoring and location system, letting you monitor the essential information about your Komatsu equipment through your computer.

  • 143 kW / 191 HP
  • 18,670 kg
  • 3.6 m³

WA500-7 Wheel Loaders:

The WA500-7 loader has a 4.5-7 cubic metre bucket capacity and boasts impressive power and performance. This large loader is built for loading operations in aggregates and quarry sectors, and they also have Komatsu components that you can monitor with KOMTRAX.

  • 263 kW / 353 HP
  • 37,415 kg
  • 6.4 m³

WA150-5 Wheel Loaders:

The WA150-5 is capable of loading and handling various types of material, making it perfect for a wide range of construction projects. This loader also comes with a remote monitoring and location system, with a bucket capacity of 1.3-1.7 cubic metres.

  • 71 kW / 96 HP
  • 7,495 kg
  • 1.7 m³

WA250PZ-6 Wheel Loaders:

The WA250PZ-6 comes with a 2-2.3 cubic metre bucket capacity, topped up with a hydrostatic drive and a PZ parallel-lift arm system. This allows operators to use various attachments and buckets, ensuring maximum productivity and efficiency across the site.

  • 103 kW / 138 HP
  • 11,950 kg
  • 2.3 m³

As mentioned in our previous blogs, KEE Hire caters to each of our client’s specific needs. If you are looking for a different spec, KEE Hire is pleased to offer a variety of different front-end loaders for hire. Some of our most popular models are:

  • Case 621FXT Wheel Loader
  • Case 1021F Wheel Loader with Loadmaster
  • Case 721 IT Wheel Loader
  • Case 821F Wheel Loader with Loadmaster
  • Case 921F Wheel Loader
  • Caterpillar 962M Wheel Loader
  • Caterpillar 966M Wheel Loader
  • Caterpillar 980M Wheel Loader
  • JCB 411HT Wheel Loader
  • Liebherr 556 IT Wheel Loader
  • Liebherr L566 Wheel Loader
  • Volvo L260H Wheel Loader with Loadmaster

The Power of Wheel Loaders

“When it comes to hiring a wheel-loader, the Komatsu is probably the most powerful on the market,” said Mal, “but this, in turn, will mean the machine will possibly consume more fuel than say a Case”.

The Komatsu Wheel Loader is the perfect choice for construction projects, especially in areas that require maximum productivity and efficiency. Due to its unique safety features, versatility, and overall excellent performance, choosing Komatsu wheel loaders make your investments truly worth it.

If you are looking for the best equipment for hire in Perth and surrounding areas, KEE Group has you covered. We are the country’s most effective and unique civil and mining support service, dedicated to excellence and quality. Allow our professional team to help you achieve your project goals—reach out to us today.

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