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Why Hire a Water Truck for Your Next Mining Project

Everything on this planet is constantly evolving. While we’re aware of the digital advancements we’ve recently incorporated into our lives, there are a plethora of industries that are constantly experiencing innovation as well.

When it comes to construction and mining, many think that these businesses are stuck in traditional ways. While some traditional techniques are still being carried out, many companies are incorporating new tools and knowledge to help elevate their business’s performance and operations. One shift that’s being integrated into the construction and mining industries is the use of water trucks.

Water trucks are often used to collect and disperse water, depending on the job. This is because they’re equipped with various tools that allow them to get water from a distance and spray them in different directions.

However, they’ve come a long way from just getting water. With new technology, water tanks can also suppress dust and have been widely used in mining and construction projects. Seeing as more industries are getting water tanks for the job, let’s dig deeper into water truck hire and how it can help your business.

What are Water Trucks For?

In a construction or mining project setting, water carts are used as soil compactors, dust suppressants, and environmental rehabilitation. Seeing as water trucks have more uses now, there has been a boom in water truck hires across the country.

When you’re going through a construction project, there’s a high chance that potential contaminants can turn into dusk and potentially pose a health risk to people in the area. This is particularly dangerous because air quality is not entirely visible, so you may not know that it’s already affecting your body. For this reason, contractors use water carts to help suppress dust onsite.

Soil compaction is another purpose of water trucks. During road construction, dust and soil need to be compacted to ensure a high-quality road and eliminate premature deterioration. The water truck works by constantly spraying the road to help it stay bound together.

How are Water Tanks Designed?

The way contractors and equipment operators get and apply water may impact overall operations. Although water tanks were primarily designed to get water, new tech has made them efficient for dust control as well.

Traditionally, round water tanks were the most common design. But these old designs raise the water’s centre of gravity, making the tank smaller than the actual truck, making it less stable and unsafe for long-haul roads. Operators don’t fill the tank to fight this instability, but this can be detrimental to operations since it increases downtime and fuel consumption due to having to refill from a water source.

However, water tanks with square corners can help minimize this issue and they also have a larger capacity, which enhances the overall stability of the truck. This allows operators to drive longer roads and have more water, ensuring a reduced consumption of gas.

The Bottom Line: Work with a Water Truck Hire You Can Trust

Seeing as water trucks have more uses and can be an efficient tool for your construction or mining project, if you’re thinking of getting a water truck hire, it’s worth getting one from a company you can trust. This way, you can rest well knowing you’re operating high-quality machinery and equipment that could help boost your project’s overall performance and output.

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