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Why You Need Professional Operators To Transport Your Hired Heavy Machinery

Any major construction job needs heavy equipment like bulldozers, wheel loaders, or dump trucks. The project managers should know where to hire reliable equipment and have it arrive on time. A large company would maybe have their own heavy-plant machinery and the means to transport it to site. However, small to medium enterprises might not have those same resources. 

Here is the truth about some equipment transportation myths. 

Transporting Heavy Machinery Is Unsafe 

One of the biggest concerns of businesses is the safety of their heavy machinery, and understandably so. These machines require a significant amount of investment, and if anything happens to them, it can be quite daunting for the owner. Fortunately, some project equipment hire companies also facilitate transporting machines. Heavy equipment transport companies are knowledgeable about the process and have experience in moving vehicles safely. 

Pricing Is Unpredictable for Equipment Transportation 

If you book with a well-established transport company, you do not need to worry about pricing. Unpredictability stems from inexperience; if the company is still finding its bearings, it might not give you the best quote. An experienced transport facilitator has the necessary equipment and can supply different floats, low loaders, and tilt trays each with various capacities. And most importantly, an established transport company can provide experienced and qualified lowloader drivers and operators.

It’s Better to Go for the Most Affordable Option 

Getting the cheapest option is one of the most straightforward strategies for staying within a budget, so it is a go-to for small businesses. However, the most affordable is not always the best, especially for transporting valuable equipment. Choosing an established low-loader company means ensuring you get value for your investment. 

Getting a Professional Operator Is Unnecessary 

Finally, some small businesses would attempt to save some money and bypass professional low loader operators, choosing to DIY everything from the permits to the various operational concerns attached to using heavy machinery. While doing things yourself can work sometimes, it is not the solution to everything. It could be the cause of your problems instead.

For instance, attending to your bulldozer or wheel loader’s fuelling and servicing will take you away from other project aspects. Also, you would need to have someone adequately licensed and capable of operating these machines; if you rent the vehicles only, you might not get that from your vehicle hire company. If you get transportation services, you gain access to a whole other list of offerings that you might not have known you needed.


Small to medium-sized enterprises can find it challenging to attend to a project’s various logistics needs. Hiring a company like KEE Group to supply, deliver, service, operate, and fuel your heavy machinery is necessary for keeping your project on schedule. When choosing heavy machinery transportation, find a company with the right equipment and experience for the job. Your partner should know how to deal with a host of situations, from loading oversized or overweight items to coordinating and securing clearances with your local council. 

Contact KEE Transport for uninterrupted logistical support for your project. We facilitate project equipment transport in Perth, Albany, and Port Hedland, endeavouring to provide the best quality of service to all our clients. Call our team today to learn more about the KEE difference!

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